Monday, 3 March 2014


I am the lucky recipient of a giveaway hosted 
I love France and I love Lace so this was 
totally made for me.
 Thank you so much

There were some postcards and pictures from the area
in France where they were sent from.
These are now on my pin board.

Along with my beautiful lace there was some
Heart shaped beads , vintage coasters,
french sheet music, a bag of her own lavender to
keep it all smelling sweet

and an original paris vogue label.

Which I was very tempted to put into the new top I have made.
I have been inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee
to use those fabrics I have been meaning to make
up for ages.

I started with this lovely batik which I bought 
in the knitting and stitching show last year
(which I wrote about here).
The colour doesn't show up that well in this picture
 but it has turned out great. It is
very plain pattern but will be perfect 
for when the warmer weather gets here.

I have also made myself an infinity scarf.
I saw the tutorial on another blog and I wish I
could remember which one so I could give them
credit for the result but alas it escapes me.

I found the scarf in a charity shop and fell in love with 
the pale muted colours. 
It is a piece of cake to make.
Once you have stitched the two ends together
and added a pompom edging.
Et Voila.

I have also made myself a new skirt, just a very plain pencil skirt

with some vintage tweed from my mother-in-laws stash.
I have some maroon shoes which go perfectly with it.

So now I'm looking at the other fabrics I inherited from
her to decide what to make next, 
but first I'm off to Devon to stay with my daughter for a few days.

See you soon.



  1. Giveaways are such fun...I think of you and your kindness each time I use the sweet little pincushion and pins you sent! You have been busy! Great projects that I'm sure you will enjoy. Have a lovely time with your daughter! Smiles...Susan

  2. I'm so pleased that you liked my parcel of bits & pieces. Some one else mentioned she was following The Great British Sewing Bee ' I'll have to get Mr France to record it for me, and get my old sewing machine out I haven't made anything for myself in many years. Have a lovely time in Devon with your Daughter, such a beautiful area ,. I lived In Dartmouth for 21 yrs before we moved to France.

  3. Congrats on winning the giveaway, what a treat!

    I have to sadly admit to never having watched TGBSB it is never on at a time I can watch it. I guess though I could watch it on iplayer.


  4. Ooh you are lucky Gill ... if you pop over to my blog, there's a surprise for you there too!

    Love Claire xx

  5. Wonderful bounty, Gill, lucky you! And I LOVE your scarf! You have altered it beautifully! Lx

  6. WOW! Your package is just lovely! And the pieces you are making are beautiful! You are so very gifted! That skirt is fantastic! A wonderful week to you! Nicole