Friday, 28 March 2014

A Giveaway Win

A couple of weeks ago I won the Giveaway hosted
by the Lovely Claire at Thriftwood (pop over and have a read)
and my prize was a hand embroidered picture
with a saying of my choice.

My prize arrived this week in a really nice wooden frame
displaying  the saying or mantra that I had chosen.
Isn't it wonderful.
  I picked this as I'm a real worrier and tend to dwell on what was said or done
in the past.  These are things I can't change so I needed something
to remind me of this and thought this sentiment was perfect.

It has pride of place on my sewing table right in front 
of my sewing machine.

So what have I been doing this week--
well I have used some of the beautiful lace I received
recently in my other giveaway win.
Posted about here.

In my stash I had a remnant of burgundy satin and 
the pink lace went nicely with it so I now have a 
fabulous pair of satin pyjama bottoms with lace edging
on the bottom of the legs.  
I didn't have quite enough fabric to make them long enough
so the lace was the perfect solution.

As you can see from this dreadfully out of focus photo
my desk is 2 tables put together,

and the one in the corner is used to store bits such as
machine cover and camera bag etc underneath.
The problem was it looked so untidy.

The solution is an age old, tried and tested answer--
make a curtain.
The fabrics are the scraps left over from recently made
curtains around the house.  The center panel is the curtain in this room
and the grey is the front door curtain which helps to keep
the hall warm.
Luckily the two worked well together
and it all blends in nicely.

I have  new pattern I'm going to make up next 
with some linen I bought back from Brunei 
4years ago now
so I'll show you when it's finished.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me with a engagement party
  on Saturday and my first Mothers day lunch at my daughters house
on Sunday. It wasn't that long ago when my lovely old Mum
used to come to me and now here I am going to my daughter.

Anyway, Happy Mothers day to those of you to whom
this applies and a great weekend to everyone else and
 I'll see you in a couple of days for this months 
Scavenger Hunt.



  1. What a lovely gift! I worry too and could use a little reminder to let it go!! Love that curtain you made! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!! Nicole

  2. Hi Gill. loved peeping in your sewing room. and seeing what you have been working on, especially seeing what you have done with the pink lace I put in your gift from my giveaway post. Those pyjama bottoms look fabulous. Years ago, nearly 40yrs ! I worked in a haberdashery shop in Dartmouth Devon making satin underwear & night dresses trimmed in lace, just like the pyjamas trs. you have made. I'm so pleased to see how you used the lace.

  3. So glad you liked the picture Gill, and I must say, it looks very much a home already! Love all your makes too ... You are clever!

    Love Claire xxx

  4. That is a very clever saying and one that I should use as a mantra as well. What a lovely giveaway to win.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  5. Happy Mother's day - enjoy! That's a lovely saying - I need reminding of that often too, being a fellow worrier. And that's the perfect spot for it too.