Thursday, 27 February 2014

Scavenger Hunt February

It's time for this months scavenger Hunt run
by Green Thumb at Made with Love

We start with

This is part of my garden taken at 3pm .

I have taken 2 for this one
the first with blue sky

and then more rain on the way.

F is for….
Fallen .
 This tree had to be negotiated on my long walk last week.

 I had a few ideas for this  then I saw this
sawn log in the woods and decided to go for Wood grain.

This one is on a church in Great Yarmouth and
yes it was taken during the last month
although that lovely blue sky didn't last long.

These curing works have been turned into
a town museum and cafe.

I saw this lovely honeypot in a local antiques market
although I don't think it is that old.

I had to go into my archives for this one as
Norfolk doesn't seem to have any fountains about,
none that I could find anyway.
This one is in Brunei.

On the old railway station at Weybourne.

This is one of the things I inherited from my Grandmother.
The flowers are embroidered over the painting 
and is one of my most treasured possessions.

Another one taken in my garden.

and lastly
This is my walking group on our walk last week.

So that's my contribution for this month,
time to go and find out next months list.

Hope you enjoyed them and I'll speak again soon.



  1. Fantastic photos...and some very clever ones too.

  2. A lovely collection. I really liked grain, lamp and repurpose. x

  3. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, I really like your photos, lamp, shadow and grain are great. Greenthumb.

  4. Lovely to see the daffodils growing in your garden. Your round picture from your grandmother is a treasure indeed, and so beautiful. That fallen tree must have landed with quite a crash! Good on the wood grain, which never crossed my mind. I like that honey hive jar :) Also enjoyed seeing the old buildings. Super job.

  5. I really like the clock and its great to see the old building being used as a museum and cafe rather than being allowed to fall derelict. The honey pot is cute.

  6. Hi Gill loved seeing your selection,the old station lamp is nice to see, but the shadow from the bench is my favourite, would be good to paint.

  7. Such an interesting collection of photos, Gill! It's so fun to see how different people interpret the categories ~ very clever F for fallen! And I loved your grandmother's artwork. My grandmother had a honey pot much like the one you pictured. Take care X

  8. A wonderful collection of photos of your wonderful and beautiful world. Thanks for sharing them. Hugs Judy

  9. Lovely collection of photos. I love the honey pot. I almost had a fallen tree for F is for too!

  10. How gorgeous your embroidered painting is!! That log was pretty immense!! I bet that was a great walk! X

  11. Love that honey pot, I saw a similar one once but never bought it! Lovely fountain! , yes perhaps we don't really go in for fountains in this part of the world?

  12. A lovely collection Gill, how are you doing with March so far?