Saturday, 1 February 2014

January Scavenger Hunt

A huge welcome to all my new followers,
it's been great taking part in' Grow your own blog'
although for me it was all about reading so many
different blogs from all over the world.
Ones that maybe under normal circumstances I wouldn't have come across
and to see the work of so many talented people.
Anyway, welcome one and all



I'm back on track with the Scavenger Hunt
which is run by the wonderful Green Thumb at Made With Love.
So here is this months selection.

1. Colour
This is some of dyed cotton samples
I came away from a recent course on fabric dying.

2.  1 O'Clock
This is the time I start my patchwork class.

3. Crowd
I'm afraid I had to go back to boxing day for this photo
as there aren't many crowds around here in January.

4. Looking Down
This one was taken while walking the dogs on
a rare day when we had some blue sky. It's
looking down from the old railway bridge to the river 
and marsh.

5. Fruit
Some Rosehips taken the same day.

This is the corner of Chalet/ Beach Hut
along the coast in Suffolk.

I love this stamp, I found it in New Zealand and now it
sits in my print tray along with some of my other treasures.
I think it would have been used in an old printing press.

8. Roof
This is back to one of our National Trust Houses.
Felbrigg Hall has a fantastic old Dove cote 
and this is the roof.  You can see all the holes
for the doves to go into.

9. Hats
Meet my eldest daughter who loves trying on hats.

Some Fungi found in the local woods.
No idea what kind they are and when I tried to look them
up in a book there where so many that look alike.
If anyone can tell me I would love to know.

11. J is for….

 Janome . My beloved sewing machine.

12. Measurement
I have been trying to find one of the local old mile
stones for this one and I know we have quite a few around here
but do you think I can find one--I'll probably see one tomorrow.

Anyway I went into the post office today to post my latest swap
parcel( which I forgot to photograph) 
and saw this which measures your post.

So that's it for this month, time to find out what 
Februarys list is.

I'm off to Cambridge for lunch on Sunday and I'll
try to remember my camera .
Hope you have a great weekend.



  1. Lovely photos and what a great idea for a scavenger hunt.

  2. Such a wonderful collection of photos friend! That stamp is fabulous! WOW! And your daughter and her hat are just so lovely! Have a fantastic weekend!!! Nicole

  3. I'm so pleased I joined the party at GYB or I would never have found you. Loved reading about all the things you've been doing and skipped along with you in the Scavenger Hunt. loved seeing all your pictures from different places. Although I'm English living in France there were lots of places I have never been to . Enjoy your lunch in Cambridge I was there in June last year,on a visit to see family and we had to wait for our flight back home Stansted airport to Limoges so hopped on the train and spent a lovely day there so much to see.

  4. Thanks for taking part in this months Scavenger hunt. You have taken some great photos I really of fruit, corner and colour. Greenthumb.

  5. Great photos! My favourites are the fungi and the lovely stamp.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. These are lovely photos. I think your mushrooms are milk drop bonnet caps as they come in two colours, one more brown than this. I've had a quick search on google and in the mushroom book and it seems the best match, though I'm just having a guess, so I could well be wrong.

    copy and paste this (sorry it's a big link!) for picture of Mycena Galopus Alba, which is what I think your mushrooms are.

  7. A very interesting collection. I really like the stamp and the mushrooms.

  8. Sounds like fun! Great photos and happy February!

  9. Hi Gill! More awesome photos ~ I'm so enjoying seeing the world through your eyes! That stamp is gorgeous! I had a collection of teacher stamps, but I rarely used them. I could draw a happy star much faster! I can't help you with the mushrooms ~ They're new to me and oh so pretty! Have a happy week!

  10. A great selection. I love the rosehips, the beach hut and that fabulous stamp. x

  11. Lovely photos!! Always love a good beach hut and material dying sounds a really interesting thing to learn!x

  12. Did your daughter buy that hat? It looks so cute on her. The color looks great with her skin tone. :)