Thursday, 20 February 2014

Kelling Heath Wander

I went for a long walk with the W.I. 
walking group this week.
We started at Sheringham Park, which is a National Trust
Property, doing a loop through Kelling Heath and back
to where we started. It worked out to just under 10 miles.

The North Norfolk steam railways runs through the middle of the heath
but we missed the train by a couple of minutes.

 It is  a lovely area but unfortunately the weather was 
very grey with the inevitable rain at times so some of my
photos were too grey and dark to use. 

The old reading rooms at Kelling is a  great place to dry out a bit
and of course it would be rude not to have some  
coffee and cake while we were we there.

Then it was down to the coastal path 
past some temporary lakes.

The footpath then starts to go uphill
 through one of the stations
on the old railway

which is full of vintage cases and trunks all
looking as though they are
ready for the train.

They also do the restoration of the old trains here.

Then it's up the hill with the wonderful view across
to the coast

past the old Manor house, which isn't National Trust

 and through the park where we saw
 this fabulous hollow Oak which looks 
as though it is 
 actually still alive much to our amazement.

Sheringham Park is full of Rhododendrons 
which are stunning when they are all in flower but theoretically
we are too early for Rhoddies.

Doesn't appear as though anyone told the plants that
as there were a few of them in full flower already,
and very pretty they looked as well

Then, of course, as Sod's law states,
the sun came out just as we were finishing.
Made the view from this lookout point well worth
a stop for a couple of minutes though.



  1. Lovely photos Gill....and I'm amazed that the tree is alive also.

  2. What charming photos! I would love to visit.

  3. Sun?Sun? What is this thing of which you speak? heh heh.... Great post - thanks for taking us all with you on your walk! Hugs - Shroo:)x

  4. Oh My Goodness, you all walked 10 miles. very impressive indeed. I truly enjoyed all the photos along the way.. But I especially LOVED seeing the photos of the Rhodies. They are so very pretty. Hugs Judy

  5. Lovely being able to tag along with the you & the W.I. on your walk. and see parts of England I've never seen before. I love old stations.
    and a bonus to see the Rhododendrons in bloom already.

  6. Great photos, Gill, and you can always bet the weather will do its own thing, despite you! It's been a long time since I was anywhere near Kelling Heath, the boys were at Primary school - and they are both daddies themselves now!! Lx

  7. Reading that post was so lovely. I know all those places so well as we have always spent alot of time at Kelling Heath and Holt in our caravan. My husband's parents had a static van on kelling Heath when it first opened 50+ years ago so it has a special place in his heart. The Kelling tea rooms are lovely as is Weybourne station infact you have motivated me to get booking a site down there. Thank you xx

  8. My goodness...10 miles! Go girl! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. Smiles...Susan