Monday, 12 May 2014

One Ends and Another Begins

Well my quilt is finished.
This is the one I have been doing in 
my Patchwork group since january.
The colours were specifically chosen for this spare room
but I think I should have added another couple of rows
 so it covered the whole top of the bed.
Never mind I will just have to make another one
to fit better but for the time being this one looks alright.

So work has started on this terms quilt
and I have decided to go brighter with
my colours this time although
I'm now wondering if they are going
to be a bit too 'in your face'.

I don't have a specific place or purpose for this one
so I suppose it doesn't matter really.

It's another sample style quilt with 6x12" blocks 
set on points. The spaces will probably be white to 
keep it light and airy.
So watch this space.

My other W.I.P at the moment is some more
baby named bunting, this time for a friends
little Granddaughter called Erin.
Pretty name.
I've been asked for pastel shades and this is what I've come up with.
I was going to do the letters in white but they don't look right
so have to try something else.

Since writing the above I've finished  the bunting and 
it has gone off to it's new home.

Now what's next on my list?



  1. That quilt is absolutely fabulous
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Fabulous quilts and I love the colours in both. Is that a Tulip Basket in the first sampler block? I once made it as a wall-hanging for my sister and it just reminded me of it again. Really nice to 'see' you too,Gill. Hope you're keeping well. x

  3. Love your quilt. I haven't done any patchwork for years hmmm !! now where are all those pieces of material or should I be honest & say W.I.P. that I've kept stuffed in bags, maybe I should get them out and use them to make cushion covers for the cane furniture we use on the sun terrace. as I know in my heart they will never become quilts now ! after all these years...... Loved your pretty lettered bunting, do you use stiffening in between the pieces ?

    1. No I don't use stiffening just two layers of fabric and bond a web for the letters. Great to hear from you.

  4. Beautiful, Gill you have been very busy and productive!! Lx

  5. well done, the quilt looks fantastic! How did you quilt it? I can't make out the quilting design on the photo. Are you going to make a full sized bed quilt next?

  6. OMG!! Your quilt is really gorgeous and they are just my kind of rich colours - I love that madder red against the creamy beige. The next one is looking good already - totally different in feel, and yet just right for summer! I really must find time to go to a proper quilt class!! xCathy

  7. The finished quilt is lovely Gill, and looks really good in the room.
    Love the citrus colours of your new quilt, and the baby bunting turned out perfect!
    Gill xx

  8. "Dosie Rosie" has been included in my Arlynda Lea's Sites to See #1. I hope this helps to call attention to your efforts.