Thursday, 30 September 2010

What is going on?

It is Autumn isn't it?  I mean I have plenty of strange looking fungi all over the garden.
Fantastic colour though.

My sweet chestnut is not living up to expectations as usual. This is a large, beautiful tree at the end of the garden and every year I live in hope that I'm going to get a good crop of chestnuts and every year it disappoints me with small wrinkled nuts.

Even my wiggly tree or  twisted Hazel is covered in nuts. I love this tree in the winter especially when it is covered in frost.

Then how do you explain these? Yes I have strawberries growing. These are new plants that only went in recently. I'm amazed how quickly they have grown.

And my roses are in flower again. Mind you I'm not complaining, the longer I have flowers in the garden the better.


  1. Yikes that one at the top looks more 'animal' than 'vegetable'! I'm still waiting for the leaves to turn, then hoping for a crisp clear day for a walk in the woods :)

  2. The seaons are all confused but at least it's giving you chance to take some great photos!
    I've got a wiggly hazel tree too - it's my favourite:)