Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Autumns Garden

I have a home day to myself today, little one has gone away for a couple of weeks, Mr T is at work so it is just me, my constant companions and time to catch up with my friends.

Tilly and Mack who aren't looking to happy as I haven't taken them out yet. That's my next job.

Tom Dick and Harry were on their own originally but no longer. And they say rabbits breed alot.

After my down, up and down again summer I haven't really taken much notice fo my garden so have spent some time out there this morning just taking stock of what needs doing.
It is so nice to see so many flowers still in bloom.

This is beautiful every morning, but like me wilts as the day goes on, but then thats why their called "Morning glory".

Dahlias were very unfashionable at one stage but I love them, they keep flowering so long and late. I restricted myself to just 2 colours though.

I have pots of these hiding all around the garden and am trying to find them all ready for the winter.

These were self seeded and I think they look so romantic growing through the chair so the lawn mowers not going anywhere near them until they die down.

Well time to walk the dogs as they are making me feel guilty.
Enjoy the late sunshine and have a great day my friends.


  1. Have a lovely day- sounds great to me !
    Sue x

  2. Oooh love your dahlias! have just bought myself the same colours this afternoon! spooky oooky!
    Maybe we were twins in our former lives....
    Karen x x x

  3. What a contended day. Your garden photos look lovely, I don't have a garden so I enjoy looking through peoples pictures and nosing at the neighbours and what they are doing with theirs x

  4. Hellooooo! I'm your partner for the no frills magazine swap! Yipppeeee I've never done a swap before so plse be gentle with me haha!
    I cant get your email off your profile my comp wnt do it for some reason... so could you contact me on!
    Your dogs are cute, i used to have a black lab. loved him to bits. Was heart broken when he died
    :( xxxx

  5. Your dogs looks so sweet! Hope they enjoy their walk!!
    Tamzin X

  6. Lovely photos, especially the one of your dogs.

    Shirl x