Tuesday, 7 September 2010

To the West and Back

After the upset and stress of the last few weeks Mr T and I decided we needed a change of scenary so we set of at some ungodly hour of the morning towards the West country.

Yes that is the sunrise.
We stopped at the Danbury factory in Bristol to look at these beauties. I even had a test drive but after much discussion and clever handling on my part Mr T decided he didn't want to buy one after all. Owning one has been a dream for many years but the reality didn't live up to the dream, not now we are slightly more mature. There I've said it, I'm not as young as I was. OMG.

Next stop was Exeter to stay in my daughters new home. It's her first home rather than student digs and I must say she really has made it a home.

She had another lesson on her sewing machine as she needs new curtains and wants to make them herself.

She is making this into a cushion. She has cut out shapes from some of my handmade felt and appliqued them by hand before embroidering the rest. I love it, she obviously gets her talent from me.LOL.

Exeter has some really interesting restaurants around. I love the sign for this one, it's called the "Rusty Bike".

This one looked great but was closed which was a shame as i love the building.

I rather fancied eating here which is apparently owned by Micheal Caine, That's the Chef not the actor, but I was out voted. Wouldyou believe the one place I didn't take a photo of was where we did eat. Doh!

Exeter has some lovely old buildings around the Catherdral, but the windows on this one had to be my favourite.

The next day was a shopping day, with coffee over looking the cathedral before heading off to stay in Frome for a couple of days,but that's for next time.



  1. Some really lovely buildings, and your daughters cushion WOW! It is really, really lovely xxx

  2. Hi Great cushion ! Even though we live only about 40mins from Exeter I have never had a meal out there I dont think (apart from Debenhams !)

  3. Lovely photos! Your daughters cushion looks great, sound like she's really making it her home!:-) x

  4. Hello from Sunny(ish) Suffolk, that camper van...i's great they are making new ones again. Not that i could afford one but hey, one can dream!

  5. Sounds as if you had a lovely day. Great pics.