Sunday, 26 September 2010

A few little bits

Today has been a day for finishing projects that have been hanging around for a little while. 
 This is my travel journal for my trip next month. Mr T and I are off to New Zealand for a few weeks .

This is just a few of my harvest of Chillies drying in the kitchen(hopefully).

 This beautiful wool suiting fabric was given to me ages ago and I have been a bit nervous about making it up.
Then when my eldest girl was home I decided to take the plunge and make her a dress for work. I am so pleased with how it's turned out and had enough fabric left to make myself a skirt. Must do the hem on that.

This was once eldest girls favourite coat which was looking a bit worn in places so I've made her a messenger bag with some of it.

The lining is fabric that I know she loves.
With 2 of my 3 swaps sent and the last one ready to go I feel quite pleased with my weekend. Well I had to do something with the weather here being so horrid.
I'm doing lots of socialising this week so will remember to take my camera.
Hope you have all had a good weekend.Speak soon.


  1. Got my mag today! YEY December crafts here i come!! Posted yours this morning :)

  2. You are a very tallented lady! Gorgeous items - love the 'up-cycled' bag!


  3. Love your stuff you have made :)
    Have a great time In New Zealand :) Look forward to the pic's when you get back :)
    Sue x