Saturday, 11 September 2010

Next the Sea.

Isn't it strange that you can go somewhere hundreds of times but not really know notice your surroundings. I have been to Wells so many times but always to the Quay side and had fish and chips.

But then what a lovely view to look at while eating them.

This morning I went to Wells next the sea to meet my cousin for coffee as she had brought me a rose bush for my garden in memory of my Mum. It is called "loving memory" and will apparently look like this. Isn't it lovely.

I arrived early so had a wander around the back streets.

The first thing I found was this hidden away in the back, so I had to spend a while poking about. I did buy a couple of little bits but they are for pressies so no photo's.

There were quite a few of these plaques about in what is obviously the old High Street.

Wonder what they did here.

I really will have to take more notice of local surroundings in future.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  1. Oh I love north Norfolk. I'm off there next weekend to visit friends (near North Walsham). Can't wait!

  2. That first photo reminded me of a school trip years ago when we went to see the replica Golden Hind.
    It is incredible what we miss when we take things for granted. Such wonderful little streets in your photos. Wonderful xxx

  3. Hi hunny...we are really hoping to buy a caravan in Wells next year...fingers crossed....I can't wait. It is one of my top 3 places ever!
    Do you fancy a meet there as well as Norwich???!!!
    Your rose is a beautiful special
    Karen x x x

  4. I love your `Trips Around Britain` pics, Gill, they take me to places I would otherwise never get to see! Keep `em coming!

  5. Hi Gill
    My daughter has just returned from a few days in Cromer and was in Wells on Sunday. Like all my family she adores Norfolk and would live there if she could. Hubby was born there! Thanks for the tour it was very interesting.

  6. Goodmorning, I just came for a visit viaTilly Rose and it is a lovely blog, thank you for showing me around i shall be back.Carole xx

  7. Oh I so miss living in Nofolk, Ive had some great memories of Wells.
    Sue x