Saturday, 2 October 2010

A Week in Norfolk

I said I was being very sociable this week, well come with me on my travels around Norfolk meeting friends and relatives.


Not so sunny Hunny or Hunstanton with Mum and Dad in law for Lunch. Unfortunately it wasn't a day to walk on the beach but we had  a wander around town and I found myself a super wool shawl in a Charity Shop. Just right for wrapping up on cold winter nights.


Off to Holt for morning coffee and a wander around it's pretty little back streets.
I would have taken more photo's but guess who's battery ran out. If it's not my phone it's my camera.

Wednesday was a crafting day with a new makeup bag using some of the fabric from Sal's Snippets giveaway.


and a roll for my hooks.

Thursday I went here for lunch.

At the famous( or so we are told) Hoste Arms

We stopped at North Creake Abbey for coffee on the way where they have a small collection of little shops in converted barns but as the summer is over a lot of them were closed. The residents were very friendly though.

And the weather meant we could sit outside.
Last but most definately not least,  On Friday I went to Norwich to meet my friend Karen from Tilly Rose who took alot more photo's than I did.
We started in Anglian fabrics which is heaven for those how love their sewing, haberdashery and of course buttons.

Then to Elm Hill which is used quite alot for filming, you can understand why can't you.

I took quite a few pictures but some reason I can't get them to upload. It was a lovely day though with lunch and lots of poking about the fab crafty shops, Antique markets and charity shops.
Thanks for a great day Karen and thanks to all who have made it to the end of this mamoth post.
Have a good weekend.


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  1. I love your hook roll, I have been meaning to maky myself one of these for ages now. Beautiful photos it's a part of the world I have never explored.
    Kandi x