Saturday, 4 February 2012

My Giveaway win

I Won a Giveaway :-)

Just before Christmas  Gillyflower had a giveaway where you could  choose between 3 great Tea Towels.  I love giveaways, they give me that little bit of hope that I might win something, like the tombola at the school fete or a raffle at a Dinner and Dance.

 Do they still have them? We haven't been to one for years and I love getting all dressed up.
Anyway I digress.

A couple of weeks ago I found out I'd won and this week my parcel arrived beautifully wrapped.

I love Angels and have quite a collection that come out every Christmas 
so this was the perfect tea towel for me.

But there was more
3 hearts--the wooden one looks great in my new kitchen.

3 packets of seeds, 3 of my favourites, which will be planted up in the greenhouse when I get back from Wales.
They will push me into clearing out the greenhouse as well which I've been meaning to do for weeks.

And 3 sheets of felt (the white one is hiding). These patterned ones are unusual I will have to find something to use them for.

So a big Thank you to Gill for a fabulous prize.

Also this week I took my sewing machine in to be mended, only to find it wasn't broken.

Talk about wanting the ground to open up! 
The lady in the shop was so condescending, she spoke to me like a child and I wanted to snap back "I know how to use a sewing machine"-- but obviously I don't else I wouldn't have made the mistake.

Big lesson to myself, check everything is in place before assuming the worst.

Still while I was in Norwich I had a wander around.
I went through this arch which I've meaning to explore for years and found this square at the back.
I thought my eyesight was going wonky looking back at the arch.

But it really is that crooked.

A couple of other things I found on my wander.
A Norwich Lanes memorial plaque for the old bakers, these are all over the city but I thought this one was great.

Then to 'Country and Eastern' which used to be the old Ice skating Rink.
This is it now 

But this is apparently how it used to look
I don't think they have quite got the scale right but its nice to know it's still there.
I love the "thrice daily"

Lastly, a Good Luck message to the England Rugby team this afternoon

I think they might need it.

I'm off to the Mumbles for a couple of days
 so see you when I get back and I'll tell you all about it.



  1. My parents used to go roller skating there when they were courting. Thank you for posting a photo of the building now - it is good to see it is being looked after.
    Hope you have a good time in Wales. Best wishes, Pj x

    1. Ahhh - Country and Eastern - My alltime favourite place in Norwich ... and beyond. So much inspiration and gorgeousness within!

  2. I'm sure my sister will love this post. She used to live in Norwich before moving out to Canada, so I'm sure she will enjoy looking at one of her favourite haunts.

  3. Ooo what lovely giveaway prizes! I'll be really interested to see what you do with the pretty patterned felt! x

  4. Glad you got the parcel ok.
    Hope you have a great few days away.

    Gill xx