Friday, 29 June 2012

Swaps and Shows

Before I get on to anything else I must 
show you my swap goodies from 
LissyLou in the Free for all Swap
organised by Bekimarie.

Post cards from Dots and Spots which I love,
seeds for lovely sweet peas, Hot chocolate drink

buttons, seed packet magnet, lavender packets,
thimble, a lovely hanging heart and a sweet heart shaped dish.
Thank you Lissy Lou they are super.

Hers one of the things I sent her
a little envelope needle case.
Sorry forgot to photograph the rest.

My main make this month has been something for the W.I.
Craft competition at the Royal Norfolk Show which was this week.
The theme for the Competition was "Fit for a Queen"
and you had to have
One item of jewellery, one item textile and one a
craft of your choice. We decided to do a brooch,
a handbag and a fan for a command performance.

I did the fan which started life like this,

and ended up like this

The front is a silver organza over a turquoise satin which I then
machine embroidered.
The back  was just the satin embroidered the same way,
then attaching it onto the bones of the fan which I had sprayed silver.

It was added to a hand made handbag with 
machine embroidered lace and a horseshoe beaded brooch.
This was how it looked at the show and I'm glad to say
I think it held it's own with the other entrants but I haven't heard 
who won as yet.

My favourite item out of all the entrants was this 
 posy of buttons, isn't it gorgeous.

The show itself was great fun. Mr T and I went on Thursday
and saw the RAF drop in which in the brisk wind 
couldn't have been easy.

Heres some other pictures of the show. 

Hundreds of little glass animals which remind me of my childhood.

I was tempted to get this for the garden 
even though we don't have chickens.

It really was a fun day and the sun came out
to make it even better.
Now just have to wait for our new
garden furniture to arrive which we got on a special show offer,
always good.

Hope you all have a great weekend.



  1. Woo wee, that fan is gorgeous! well done you. Looks like you had a great day out, I haven't been to the Norfolk show for years! Your swap goodies are fab too. Love Katie xxx

  2. Love the button posy, and the baskets....oh how I love baskets! And -like you- we don't keep chickens but I adore that hen-house!

    My other half should have been there with the fly-fishing crowd but we though it not politic as we have a full house of visitors at present! So pleased it was almost decent weather.

  3. Your envelope needle case is such a lovely idea, and the fan is great! Is it ok for me to borrow photos from here for a monthly makes round up later today? x

  4. When I lived in Norfolk I always used to go the the show. I have been to other shows as we have moved, but I still think the Norfolk show was the best. Thank you for sharing your photos. Best wishes, Pj x