Saturday, 1 December 2012

Lagging behind

I wrote this post over a week ago but when I tried to upload the photos
Blogger threw a wobbly and told me I had no more for photos.
I've had this before and managed to make extra room  by clearing out some 
old buttons but this time I'm having more problems making space.
I have been considering giving up blogging rather than paying for extra
storage but I do enjoy the company and camaraderie that exists on here.
So I have a decision to make, If anyone else has been having this problem I love to here
how you have resolved it.

Anyway back to the post which should have been on
here ages ago.

I have done another of my one day workshops that I like doing so much.
This one was just down the road at Sew Creative at Wroxham Barns.

I got so involved that I forgot to take photos
but this is the end result,
We had scraps of fabrics under organza and then machine embroidered
and embellished
over the top. I had great fun.

The other thing I wanted to show you was my latest make.
A while ago my Mother-in- law gave me o load of wool
that she didn't use.

I have been inspired by Sophie Digard ,who's stuff I love,
to make my self a scarf. I love the colours but unfortunately it is a little bit itchy.

I am going to try and join in KC court's advent calendar
with a christmas picture every day (blogger permitting).
Todays picture is our fake christmas for our little one who is going to work in 
France for the winter at one of the Ski resorts so we had a Christmas dinner today
as she won't be here Christmas Day.
She also had her Christmas stocking in the morning
so now we are sitting watching a movie feeling really fat
 just like a normal Christmas day.

See you soon



  1. We did the same last year had Christmas day at the end of November (on son's birthday) just before he and Anneka went to Australia for nearly a year! Tomorrow will feel like boxing day, thats how we felt last year!

    Tell me is blogger messing around again, thanks for the warning and please let me know how people solve it. Like you I like the company and camaraderie, I look upon it as penpaling.
    Julie xxxxxxx
    PS Thank you for joining in my little project

  2. re the photo problem, I heard of someone else with a similar problem, which was resolved by resizing the photos to make them smaller, hope that helps.

  3. Happy Fake Christmas Gill, and thank you for my advent swap Rachel, it arrived today and us very lovely!

    Claire xx

  4. Good Luck to your girl with her job. She'll have loads of fun. Lovely Xmas table too.
    Loads of folk over on Ravelry are complaining about the Blogger issue and apparently it's a glitch which some people are overcoming by deleting some of their pics on Picasa to make more room. Doesn't seem to be a problem if you use Photobucket to upload your pics.
    Beautiful embroidery on your organza piece.I love the colours.
    Soaking your scarf in woolly wash stuff might take away the 'scratchiness'.
    Have a good week, Gill.

  5. You don't need to delete photos or pay to upgrade! Sign up to Flickr and use your free allowance to upload from there, or even better, sign up to Photobucket (it's free), they let you upload loads of photos andyou can add them to your blog. Email me ifyou need a hand with it but it's easy.

  6. Hi Gill, I recently had the same problem, been blogging about it. I bit the bullet as I'm not very technically minded , and bought the extra storage. I hear about using flickr but that just makes yet another place to have my photos - it all gets very complicated to my technophobic brain! Lx