Saturday, 16 February 2013


A HUGE THANK YOU to all the suggestions of charities for  the wool,
 I will hopefully be collecting it and packing it up with the next couple of weeks. 

This is a bit later than I had hoped but we received a  phone call yesterday
 from my little one in France 
telling us that she was coming home a month early 
as she has broken her collar bone snow boarding.
Thankfully she was fully insured and will be home in a couple of days.
This has caused a mad rush as we have been using her room to store the decorating
stuff while we decorate the hall.  
Photos when we get the carpet down.

Last weekend Eldest daughter was in New York when the storm hit.
They were due to fly home Saturday, so she had an extra day in The Big Apple
to supervise the group of sixth form students she was over there with.

On Wednesday morning last week I had a phone call from the shop
I am going to for my beginners Patchwork class.
I had, apparently, booked a days workshop in free machine embroidery
and I was late. 
 I am putting it down to my age but I really do not remember booking this.
Still as it was all paid for I grabbed my machine with a few bits and bobs
  and I dashed along.
 Within 20 minutes I
was sitting at my work table for the day.

The lady taking the course was extremely knowledgable but
was very particular.  I had the wrong needles( embroidery not universal)
  bobbins( Singer not Janome-apparently) and
put the wrong colour threads together, 

other than that I thought I did alright.

The bobbins were a nightmare as I had visions of having to 
buy all new ones and throw out  all the ones I had at home
but it turned out
that the only ones which were the wrong sort
were the  ones I took that day.

Sods Law.

We started just doodling with the machine,
before adding a second colour through the same needle.
I liked the effect this gave.

Then we moved onto doing monograms with.a zig zag.
This has to be the only time I have really put my foot to the floor with my machine
but it works well.  This is my attempt.

This was our teacher Ruths. 
Without even really thinking about it. 

We did several different things during the day
including cut work and dissolvable fabric which isn't shown.

 Ruth also showed us how to sew beads on with the machine
and the looped work by messing about with the tension.
This is Ruth's work done on my machine but I just couldn't 
get the hang of this so consequently didn't like it.

 I love doing these workshops and am always inspired to go
home and play around.

I am half way through my Patchwork for beginners
so I'll show you my progress in a couple of days.

Have a good weekend.



  1. Hey Gill, your machine embroidery looks pretty cool! I'm looking forward to see how you got on with your patchwork classes, I must get my head round organising myself and draw up some workshop classes for the shop which asked me last year. Now I'm back home I need to get back into the old routine, so come on, give me some inspiration! Lx

  2. Oh lovely, I love a workshop. She does sound like a bossy sort. I think you did fab those letters look terrific! xx

  3. sorry to hear about your daughter. The wrong bobbin? Ignore that! Sounds like a fun class though and your work is amazing!