Sunday, 1 June 2014

Scavenger Hunt For May

It's time for this months Scavenger Hunt 
courtesy of Green Thumb at Made with Love.

1. Reflection
Taken at Cromer Beach
with the reflection of the sunset on 
the sand.

2. Hidden
My Rhubarb forcer hiding my rhubarb.

3. Gadget
My little one playing with her mobile phone.

4. Antique
A lovely old desk I saw in an Antique shop.

5. L is for ---

6.  7pm

Table all set for dinner

7. Puzzle
My favourite puzzle is  Sudoku.

8.  Fresh
For sale at the side of the road
fresh asparagus.

9. Left
We went to watch the rugby Aviva Premership final at Twickenham yesterday.
This statue was on the left side of the old main gate.

10. Tiny
The players training on the pitch looked tiny in this picture.

11. Letter
this is where we sat, block M

12. Demolition.

A skip full of demolition rubble from a house being 

Looking forward to next months.



  1. Lucky you - you got to watch the rugby!!

  2. Great selection. My favourite is reflection and I could just eat that asparagus! x

  3. Great selection of photos, love the first one, lovely and calming for me to see after a somewhat hassled day! x

  4. Lovely collection of snaps here. I'm liking 7pm, is the back door open to let the cat in ?

  5. Nicely done, Dosie Rosie! The reflection photo is beautiful. As were the lilacs, my favorite flower. You had me stumped with rhubarb forcer though. I had never hear of such a thing, so I had to go Google it. I understand that it makes for healthier and sweeter rhubarb. Thanks for teaching me something new! Have a goon one!

  6. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. I really like your photos of Hidden, tiny left and gadget. Greenthumb.

  7. Great photos - the reflection is beautiful.

  8. Cool collection of photos- The lilac is lovely.So exciting to go and watch the rugby too!

  9. I do so love your scavenger hunts...might have to join in one day??
    bestest d x