Friday, 22 August 2014

Normal Service Soon ( I hope)

My computer has died on me, totally, not repairable.
Luckily it had been backed up recently but until I can
get another one ( Hopefully soon) I will only be posting when I can get
my hands on a somebody elses. 

Please stay with me folks.



  1. Shame! Hope you are soon sorted, Gill. And also hope to maybe see you at Letheringsett this weekend's craft fair - details on latest blog post! Lxxx

  2. Is it worth repairing? Sometimes a computer geeky-type person can do wonders with computers that are ill. We'll be here waiting until you return. Good weekend to you, Gill. xxx

  3. We'll be here waiting for you, hope you get a new one sorted really soon,

  4. I hope you get something sorted out soon. It's a pain when your computer dies.

  5. Hi there,
    Just contacting you re the Autumn swap - I see you are having some techy problems at the mo!
    I've dropped you an email so if when you can, you could get back to me that'd be great!
    Thanks very much
    K x

  6. Hi Gill - aren't computers just the worst and best things, all at once! Had been wondering where you'd gone. Hope you get sorted out soon. Take care, Cathy x