Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Unexpected find.

Is it too late to wish you all a Happy New Year?
Happy New Year anyway!

I seem to have lost my blogging Mojo recently,
I haven't even been taking many photos so I'm making a
concerted effort to remedy that.

Some photos I have taken were in an old cottage
we went to recently.

I opened the airing cupboard and there was the old
wallpaper from when the room was obviously 
a nursery.

I remember having a similar type of wall paper 
in my room as a child but mine had donkeys on.
The Rabbit smoking a pipe rather dates it,
I think this must go back to the 50's.

Wouldn't you just love to have some fabric with this
pattern on.
It is such shame that when the cottage is eventually 
renovated that this will disappear but at least I have
the photos even if they aren't the best photos in the world.

Anyway hopefully I will get myself up and running again soon
and write more often.

Have a great week.



  1. Oh it's lovely Gill! We've got an old piece of wallpaper inside the airing cupboard showing swans - I'm pretty sure it's from the 1950's and haven't got the heart to paint over it! Imagine how pleased the people were when they first saw it go up on the wall x Jane

  2. Oh such fabulous wallpaper - what a delightful surprise find!

  3. What interesting wallpaper, I like your find. Have a great day :)

  4. I wondered where you were. Glad all is well. Sometimes I hit a blank wall not knowing what to put on my blog, then something just like the wall paper you found in an old cottage pops an idea into your head. It does look like early fifties. maybe you could look it up on google search, you might be able to find someone who stocks vintage material. happy New Year to you too.

  5. Happy New Year to you too, Gill. I'm the same with the 'non-blogging mojo' thingy. Love reading everyone else's though. Lovely to 'see' you again. x

  6. Such a happy find......I love this wallpaper. Happy New Year to you Gill!

  7. Happy new year to you too. It's so cold and dark it's hard to be motivated to take photos!

  8. Happy 2015 to you and yours, Gill! Love the vintage print. Similar to the nursery curtains I made for my daughter in 1971... Out of vintage 1950s fabric! Understand your blog dilemma ... Have been the same. Seems my photos inspire my thoughts and I have taken very few lately! Enjoy reading my blog friends from around the world... Good to see you here! Smiles...Susan

  9. Don't worry about your blogging mojo, mine went for a while, but is slowly returning. More worrying is my stitching mojo which really has gone for a long wander! Ah well I guess it'll be back soonish! Lovely to see you posting again. Lxxx