Monday, 7 September 2015

Module 2 Shape

Well I have passed my second module on my City & Guilds certificate in 
Patchwork and Quilting. It has taken up a lot more
of my time than I expected but I enjoyed it.
This Module was on Shape and had an Industrial theme 
and there was a lot more work
involved with this one but I suppose I 
will have to get used to that as I suspect that will
continue all the way through now.
I was really excited when I saw the theme, I find
a certain beauty in rusty old machinery and industrial decay.
I even have some in my garden turned into a sculpture
by local artist Bernie Marfleet.

 My module information pack arrived just before we went off
on a 3 week holiday to Madiera ( which was fabulous )
so I had plenty of time to take photos and do some sketching.

This time I had to come up with 10 designs,
make one into a block that I had drafted myself,
2 had to be foundation pieced , 1 curved pieced block
and one block made with pieces cut with a rotary cutter.

I won't bore you with all of them,- just a couple.
I loved the piles of old chains that were by an old fort
in Funchal quay side and this was to provide the drafted block.
It is a very simple design and was perfect for my first 
drafted block which for those who don't know is when you
draw your block onto graph paper and make templates for
the pieces before working out the best way to put it together.

This is the block I came up with, I tried it in different colours
but actually prefer the rusty coloured one as it looks more
like the original picture.

I took photos of factories, cable cars, electricity pylons
and all sorts of mechanical bits and bobs. The design above
(which is a preliminary mock up not just badly put together)
is from a pylon as is my first foundation pieced design below .

Whereas the one next one is from an
old gas holder which I saw on the M25 driving to the airport.

This is my favourite design and the other foundation pieced
block. I will be using it as a border on my next quilt I think. 

I did the blocks in mainly monochrome colours
as I thought this went with the theme but am looking forward to 
trying it with bright colours.

So now onto Module three which is Colour.

Wish me luck.



  1. Congratulations ,you must be thrilled x

  2. Well Done That Woman!!! Dead chuffed for you, Gill. You're really embracing the challenges and coming up trumps with them. Can't wait to see your colour offerings. Also, great to 'see' you again. Love to hear about Madeira. Never been but have eaten a lot of the cake!!

  3. Congratulations, you must be so pleased 😀 The holiday in Madeira sounds wonderful
    Sue Xxx

  4. Very well done. I'm sure you will get on great with the next module.

  5. Hi Gill, have been missing your posts so thought i'd look you up - you must be snowed under with you C&G - it is a very intensive course, but you will get so much out of it. Well don;t on completing (and passing )your fist module! Lxxx