Thursday, 19 August 2010

A good day

This time of year is always busy for our family, mainly because it's Cromer Carnival week and my lot love it. Last night was the actual parade, but on Friday is the big fancy dress party which my 3 and all their friends take very seriously. This year my girls are going as "cavemen" so I have leopard print fur fluff all over the house. I promise to take photo's before they all leave. They wanted bags that would blend in but didn't have enough fur fabric left so you can hear it can't you."MUMMMM"

So this is what I came up with, the fabric was my first go at machine felting,a felted scarf. It's great to find a use for it.

One each.

While the younger family members were in Cromer, Mr.T. went for a boys night out in Norwich so I had a nice restful evening on my own until 11 O'clock just as was going to bed when he phoned"we've missed the last train home." I was very tempted to just say "oh Dear" but I went and picked him and a couple of mates up.
This morning at 9am these arrived, not from Mr T but one of his erstwhile friends. A very nice gentleman.

I am ashamed to say I didn't have a nice vase for them,I usually use a jug with garden flowers. So off to the Charity shops I went. Didn't find a vase I liked(back to the jugs then) but I did find lots of other stuff.

These are called Owl mugs and were made by Holkham pottery which closed in 2007. These were made during the 70's. I have a small collection of Holkham Pottery which was, of course in North Norfolk. I love these mugs, the only other one I have has a chip but these are perfect.

I also found these, a real reminder of my childhood which I just had to have but will probadly sell on---or not.

And to go with my afternoon tea a bit of light reading then
it's off to the fireworks at the carnival tonight.
I hope you have had a good day and enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. The caveman bags are cute! Some good finds, I've never seen the owl mugs before, but they are lovely! :) x

  2. Oh those bags are brill, I hope you show us the caveman outfits! I love your little finds, the mugs are lovely.
    Kandi x

  3. You're brave going to the fireworks. We stay away!

  4. Those felted bags are gorgeous!
    I still have a secret stash of old Ladybird books and there's no way I'm ever giving them up:)

  5. I love those bags - what a clever Mum you are!....and you certainly deserved that bouquet!Enjoy your Carnival Weekend.

  6. I remember my parents buying Owl mugs at Holkham just like that in the 70s during a camping holiday at Wells.
    I have a little Owl jug from there too, in a lovely duck eggy blue/grey. Its a devil to wash up if you use it for cream!

  7. Oh, I'm so sad that the Holkham pottery has closed. I still remember a trip to it as a child and I bought a tiny piggy bank to keep 6d's in. It was a second, probably all I could afford, I still have it! but sadly no sixpences to go in it.