Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Family Wedding

I just had to show you some of the photos from my nephews wedding.
 I had a fantastic time and you just wait till you see the venue.

My girls and I spent the afternoon before decorating 130 cup cakes

 Then taking them to the venue to set them up.
My Sister-in-law haas spent months trying different recipes and toppings.
I just followed instructions but don't they look fantastic.

This is where all the action took place, Orchardleigh in Frome.

And this is my room, I felt very grand. 

Now it's back to normality and decorating the Kitchen-----
when it's finished. 
Don't ask.

Speak soon.



  1. Did you get to taste the cake? they look fabulous, and the venue...... wonderful. Looking forward to our stocking swap :)
    Sue Xxx

  2. Wow - I could feel right at home lying on that Four Poster eating cupcakes! Seriously, looks like you did a great job there!

  3. Wondeful wedding venue and that room is something else!
    My nephew is getting married next year and I'm already excited.

  4. You must have felt like the Queen!! looks beautiful and so so the cakes(or did I imagine there were none left).

  5. aaww looks like a wonderful day, and your cakes were lovely, dee x

  6. Those cakes look just fabulous. And what a venue.

  7. What a wonderful setting. Lovely cakes. Well done Gill

  8. Such a beautiful venue... so amazing. Those cupcakes turned out so pretty! I love how all the cakes were displayed. My sister and I will be baking cupcakes for my brother's wedding in a few weeks. I hope they turn out even half as pretty as yours!

  9. did you save some cake? it looks very edible