Monday, 31 October 2011

October Scavenger Hunt

Happy Halloween People.
Here's My photo's for the October Scavenger Hunt.

A rather large Pumpkin

Crunchy leaves

heritage or part of mine anyway, this is where my mother was born and my Grandfather died.

Graffiti---Caught in the Act?

The River Exe

A spooky Cemetery

Golden--I want one for Christmas

A very old black Cat.

Mist or Fog.  

A sunset.

A witches Hat.


Bring on November.



  1. Oh @ catching the graffiti artist at work! I need one of those Linti bears - not to eat - just to care for ;)

  2. I like the mist - very atmospheric. And fancy catching he graffiti artist in the act!

  3. Graffiti was surprisingly hard to find I thought so I'm impressed at you catching someone in the act! I love the mist photo and the candlelit. Well done on getting them all!

  4. Great photos. I'm impressed with your "Caught in the Act" photo. Best wishes, Pj x