Sunday, 6 November 2011

Kitchen Update

This is my old kitchen that was ripped out 3 weeks ago 

And when it looked like this I really thought I'd done the wrong thing
and couldn't see that it would ever look good.

But , after a few mishaps,now everything is in

New floor, new cooker

even the bins look good hidden in a cupboard.

So now it's my turn to get the rest done.
These are my old kitchen chairs.


and here they are now after a makeover.

I know the decorating will take a little while but I'm thrilled with how it looks so far.



  1. It looks very nice.
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. The new cooker looks fantastic!! and so does all the is very fresh looking and the fabric on the chairs is lovely,well done, I imagine you can't stop grinning when you look around.

  3. It looks amazing, and I love what you've done with that chair!

  4. what a transformation, i know what you mean about that in between stage when you wish you'd left things as they were!!! but it all looks fab as does your chair makeover!

  5. Wow, the kitchen is looking amazing! love the floor and units :) I have the same bread bin! you have done a great job on the chairs :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. Looks fab. Are you going to make it over to our next Aldborough Creative on 20th November?

  7. Oh I just LOVE it...and your blog. Off to take a peek around. xoxo

  8. It looks lovely Gill, I love the new cabinets and flooring, and that cooker looks amazing!
    You've done a fab job on the chairs, the fabric is great!
    Good luck with the painting!
    Gill xx

  9. just came over from Jayne's blog and have to say I love your new kitchen...especially your makeover chairs.
    Isn't it exciting have a "new" room in the house- gives you quite a boost doesn't it after the upheaval during the transformation

  10. Your kitchen is looking lovely - you must be so pleased. I have popped by before and love your blog, so I have officially become a follower as of today. I have just noticed that you live in North Walsham - I'm originally from Spixworth! Best wishes, Pj x