Thursday, 10 November 2011

Good for the Soul.

I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself over the last couple of weeks. 

My little one has packed her bags and gone off to the other side of the world to work for the winter and I miss her already. She is in Hong Kong as we speak and will be in Sydney at the weekend. This isn't the first time she has been away and she's not the first one of  my kids to travel, in fact they have all done it.  I really admire her for doing what she wants to do and hope she has a great time but I am finding it hard this time. 

 Of course  my son is moving to Wales on promotion hasn't helped.
I am so proud of what he has achieved at such a young age and am delighted for him but from a personal perspective I am devastated as it's a long way from Norfolk to Wales.

So I now have son in the Gower, Eldest daughter in Exeter and little one in Australia.
Then to top it off---
I came down with virus after the wedding which has left me with a real pest of a cough. 

So the last couple of days the dogs have had some long walks which I always find is good for the soul.

Forget Where's Wally,Where's Mack? Theres a Border Terrier in there somewhere

It's no wonder I keep losing him.
 Our local woods are lovely this time of year.

Then yesterday Mr T and I went to the beach.

Tilly loves the sea, well she is a Lab, it comes second only to food.


Unfortunately this beach is one that is eroding 

But is still very beautiful in it's own way.

So having put things into perspective, Mr T and I are on our own for the first time in 27 years ( is that a good thing ?), Little one will be back in March, eldest daughter is home for Christmas and I hear the Gower is a fabulous place so a nice place for a cheap holiday.

Have a great weekend.



  1. What beautiful photos, at least you can console yourself with living in such a beautiful area, having both the woods and the beach close at hand. I would love to know what it is like to live alone with my O.H after all these years!!!
    Sue Xxx

  2. I try not to think about my 2 leaving home - am sure as much as they drive my bananas some days, I'll miss all that.

    Such a shame that so much of our coast is being left to wash away - parts of the Suffolk coast are disappearing very fast - even more will go in the winter storms.

    I couldn't spot Mack in that pic - does look a gorgeous place to walk though.

  3. Not having kids, I don't completely have the understanding of your sense of loss, but, they must be great 'kids' to have achieved what they have in their youth!
    Gower is great for walking, the dogs'll love it!
    Exeter is a lovely place and Sidney...well I can only guess that it is a great cultural place and they have at least one famous (Gorgeous too!), vet (TV) aka 'Bondi Vet'!

    Envios of your trip to the beach, wish I lived nearer to the Sea dreaming...

    Have a great weekend,

    Sandie xx

  4. North Norfolk beaches take some beating don't they? Pop over for a chat on 20th Nov to Aldbrough Creative as I have an empty house as well. One in Poland, one in Sussex and one in....Aylsham!

  5. I'd just enjoy a bit of solitude while you can - they'll always keep coming back in dribs and drabs! Love your kitchen by the way, and the way you transformed your chairs is just brilliant! Chin up!

  6. lovely place for a walk...i so admire your children having that travel bug within them- my family seem to love to travel except me, ive never had any desire even to holiday anywhere other than england. but children come back, so im sure they will not be gone long...being by the sea is a great tonic for thoughts isnt it? i love watching the waves and leaving my thoughts with them to wash away with the tide, come home clear headed ;0)x

  7. Oh I hope you feel better soon, there's so many bugs at this time of year,but to get one when feeling a bit 'low' is just not fair!
    BH x
    PS - loved your positive slant at the end!!