Thursday, 24 November 2011

A New Venture

I can't believe it's Thanks giving already,
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
 this time last year I was in San Francisco on the last leg of my holiday of a lifetime.
This was my view from the front of a cable car.

So much has happened in the last year but there is one thing that I have been meaning to tell you all about for some time and now seems like a good time.

A few months ago I told you all about an auction buy here. It was done on a whim and afterwards
Lynn and I discussed what we were going to do with all this beautiful linen.

well the answer is we started Lavender Linen and Lace.You've been wondering what that button on the side bar was, well now you know.

We have even registered the domain name lavenderlinenandlace,co,uk  and 
Since our initial lot we have added quite a lot of other auction lots as well as sourcing things from elsewhere.

We have had a couple of personal tragedies and setbacks along the way.
We have opened an Etsy shop where we have sold a few things and my daughters boyfriend Nick 
( Hi Nick) 
has set up a web site of sorts which I'm struggling to get my head around at the moment I must admit.
I have given Lynn some lessons and she has started up her own blog called…yes you guessed it, lavenderlinenandlace. she would be delighted if you popped over to say hello.

This, for both of us, was a bit of fun and an excuse to go to the auctions and charity shops, we don't expected to make anything out of it, although occasionally Lynn has us taking over the world.

But we appear to be covering our costs.

Some of the linen is not in a good enough state to sell as it is frayed or stained
but has some lovely embroidery on it.
Watch this space for an idea I have for that.

The latest exciting news though is that 
these shelves will soon have some of our stock for sale on them.

As the great little tea rooms in Heydon Village in Norfolk are going to display some of things

So if "you want that look of faded elegance have a look at our vintage linens"
What do think? 
Anyway wish us luck.



  1. Ooohhh Gill how exciting for you both ;-))Lavender linen and lace is a gorgeous name and inspires many pretty ideas' im sure. Good luck with it all ;-) dee x

  2. What you have shown us looks so pretty and elegant, good luck! Love the name.
    Jo x

  3. Good luck with it all
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  4. I wish I'd know you were doing this when I wsa clearing out my mother's house. All sounds very promising. Good luck.

  5. Lots of luck with your new business Gill! :0)

  6. Yay! Good to see Lavender Linen & Lace is up and running - looking good! I'm off to follow Lynn's blog and favourite the Etsy shop - good luck with it all. Best wishes, Angie xx