Thursday, 1 December 2011

Scavenger Hunt November

Here's my photo scavenger hunt photos from November.

  A self portrait, first time I have used my timer successfully.

Something that lights up, found in Anglesey Abbey .

 My comfort food, Tomato soup, Heinz of course.

 Something you have made.

My new Christmas cushion.

 A beautiful but poignant memorial.

 A poppy.
 on one of our local war graves.

Polka Dots on my cake tin.

 Something Purple
Purple sprouting.

Warmth.. our first fire of the Winter.

Silhouette  embroidered on a hand towel. my local vintage shop.

Lucky charm  my Gran gave me this St Christopher when I was small.

Heres to Decembers



  1. I had an enamelled St Christopher very similar to that. Mine was round though. Must have been fashionable then.

  2. Well done for getting them all! Only one list to go now! I love the christmas cushion!

  3. Snap! My lucky charm is a St Christopher too.