Sunday, 4 December 2011

Taking a break

I'm struggling with Life a bit at the moment so I'm going to take a break from blogging for a few weeks until I get my head back together.

I would just like to say Thank you to all my Christmas Swap partners, your amazing and I'm sorry if your parcels from me fell short in any way but they were made and sent with love.

So I will wish you all a Happy christmas and a fantastic New Year and i will hopefully see you all again then.



  1. I absolutely love my advent calendar. I have my advent calendar proudly hanging in the hall and dip into it daily. Please even if you ar not blogging pop in to look at my blog sometime. I will be blogging about it soon. I have been busy catching up on things this weekend so I am very behind with things at the moment, even more so after a day out yesterday!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Hope things settle down for you soon. I think you are doing exactly the right thing by taking a break - blogging should never be a chore or a cause of more stress.

    Have a wonderful and restful Christmas and New Year - your blogging friends will be here waiting for you when you return.

    much love, Helenxx

  3. Oh Gill hope you feel beeter soon. May be it is Christmas approaching that is always a difficult time. I'm not far away if you fancy a meet up anytime. Just leave a comment on my blog and I'll get right back to you.

  4. Enjoy your break; have a wonderful Christmas and hopefully you will be back with us very soon in the New Year xxx

  5. Dear Gill, the trick is to keep breathing,don't panic and most of all DELEGATE! I sincerely wish you tons of Seasonal Cheer - chin up Lovely. xxx

  6. Have a restful,restorative and relaxing break.


    Sandie xx

  7. sometimes something's gotta give to make life a bit easier and if thats blogging then so be it, hope to see you back to your old self in the New Year, wishing you and your family a lovely christmas best wishes tracy x

  8. Hope you're ok, make sure you give yourself plenty of TLC x

  9. Dear gill
    Take care of yourself. I do understand how things seem to pile up.
    Il miss your posts and look forward to your return.
    Happy Christmas.
    Chris in Australia

  10. Hope the break helps and that you are ok, look after yourself and have a great christmas :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  11. So sorry to read this, but a break will hopefully do you the world of good. Have a lovely christmas and take lots of care, dee xx

  12. Take care, have a good Christmas and perhaps we will see you back before too long.

  13. Have just found your blog, via potter jotter's blog, my blog name is Posie Rosie...anyway it is the first time I have come across someone in the same situation as me, I too had to leave my job early because of a 'wobble', not that I have ever blogged about that side, and also have periods when the 'black cloud' descends, so can so relate to how you are feeling.I do hope you feel able to blog again soon, but completely get that the balck cloud saps your creativity and energy to write, hence my blog break for a few months. Posie

  14. Hi Gill - have a lovely Christmas and wish you all the very best for the New Year. Hope you feel a bit more 'together' to relax and enjoy the holiday. Have enjoyed reading your blog throughout this year and look forward to more. Cathy x