Sunday, 8 April 2012

A Family Easter

I thought I'd bring you all up to date on what I've been up to over the last couple of weeks.

Firstly I went to my first W.I. meeting where we had a talk from the Pearly King of Streatham,
who actually lives in Suffolk.

I have seen pearly kings and queens at all sorts of events when I lived and worked in London but knew very little about them. 
Apparently they are all about making money for charity which is why I saw them at all the big events I worked at.
This one says he sews on all his own buttons, 20,000 on this suit alone and all of them shell.

 He passed around a jacket which weighed a ton so heavens knows what the whole suit must be like.

Every meeting also has a competition where your told
to bring something ( this time 3 or 5 buttons) 
and they are judged by the other members.

These are what I took in honour of our speaker
and won 2nd place.

I also won a prize on the raffle so all in all it was a good first meeting .

I've also had a house full of visitors.
 My nephew and his 3 children came last week and had a 
few days holiday with Auntie Gill which was tiring but fun.

We went to Wroxham Barns which is just down the road from us
 It has a small fun fair for the children where  the 2 older ones had great fun.
The youngest is only 7 months old.

Before moving on to feed the farm animals although this  fellow
pinched the paper bag as well.

When they went home my eldest girl came home for a few days.
So today we have been on a family day out to the 
Sainsburys Centre for Visual Arts  
which is on the campus of the University of East Anglia.

The accommodation blocks here won awards when they were built
and look out over a big lake, it is lovely, although not in the rain.

If you have seen the BBC 2 series about Art Nouveau "Sex and Sensibility" then you would have seen 
the building below and the presenter talking about the Anderson Collection of Art Nouveau that is housed there.

And that is what we went to see today before having
lunch in their restaurant.

I would have loved to have taken some photos but of course your not allowed.
the one above is from the guidebook.

My girls decided to design their own brooch in the resource part of the exhibition.

It is lovely to hear them giggling like teenagers again, they haven't seen each other for 7 months.

This is their design and I love it. 
It would look great in enamel.

I also treated myself to a source book of fabric patterns
which has a great  cover.

I thought I'd leave you with a couple of designs you might like.

Happy Easter



  1. I was interested in the Pearly King, my grandmother used to collect buttons for the Kings and Queens when she was a child, and inherited a baby shoe box full pearly shell buttons.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. What a lovely family Easter, glad it was a good day. x

  3. I love your buttons and all the pics on this blog.

    Good for you winning the raffle too.

  4. Sounds like a great Easter Gill
    Glad your enjoying the W I

  5. It's good to hear the WI is the same the country over - although I left our local WI about 10 years ago. You never see pearly kings and queens this far north, but I remember seeing them as a child visiting relatives in London, they always look so happy!

    Have been really enjoying the Sex and Sensibility series - I think I was born in the wrong era!

    Happy Easter

  6. Wow - at least you got out of the house, even if the weather was drab! I just spent four days catching up on housework and other outstanding jobs! I never dare go to the Sainsbury Centre as I know I'll come away with more books! XCathy

  7. We visited The Anderson Collection a couple of years ago - there are some exquisite pieces on display. Best wishes, Pj x