Sunday, 15 April 2012

Lavender Linen and Lace had our first outing to a vintage sale today.
Up until now we have done most of our selling through the internet
but decided to try doing a sale.
We have both been getting so nervous about it,
 made list after list to make sure we had
covered everything and even took over Lynn's kitchen
 to practice our table set up .
We just had to hope that we got some customers.

I made a very early start and passed these chaps on my way
 to pick up Lynn and couldn't resist
taking a photo.

This is where we were going to spend the day,
Culford Hall School in Suffolk.

we were in the hall perfectly placed near the tea stall.
we quite quickly went from this---

to this, 
thanks  of course to our pre planning (worrying)

I should have taken a lot more photos of the other stalls but 
had such a great time talking to all the great people
who came to speak to us.  It was so nice to know that other
people admired the textiles we have as much as we do.

 So time to pack up and leave these beautiful surroundings
for the journey home already talking about the next one.

Hope you have all had a good weekend.



  1. Hello Gill, very interested to read your post - I'm another Norfolk blogger - very new to it! And am preparing for my very first craft fair next month. Sounds like you had a good time - did you do well? Will you do another? I'm totally not sure what I'm about to get myself into - have a couple of friends who are helping out, but it's still nerve wracking!

  2. We certainly did well enough to want to do another one.

  3. Gill, thanks for comment and lovely to see you have 'followed' - I've done likewise, as you can see.

    Have just read your profile properly - very similar backgrounds, I think, certainly similar experiences! You are right, sewing -in fact anything you are passionate about - can be a great stabiliser; which is why even if the craft fair doesn't do brilliantly I will still stitch, for myself, and in the hopes someone might like what I've made.

    Keep in touch - I shall be back!

  4. Great brassiers! An brilliant cause, my daughter has been given the all clean for the breast cancer gene, her grandmother and aunt both got breast cancer in their early 30's - we are so relieved and grateful!!

    So darling, Have you designed a bra to wear as MISS MAY?? lol!

    I have sponsored you chuck xx