Monday, 7 May 2012

Birthday Giveaway.

I have had such a busy week
not only has it been our wedding anniversary and my birthday
but we went to the opening of a local art exhibition 
and a wedding.
which means this post is a few days later than I wanted 
but better late than never. 
 First though let me show you what Mr T got me.

Isn't it beautiful and colour co-ordinates with my kitchen
although my friend thinks it's wasted on me as I don't make many cakes.

I have told her she can borrow it.(lol)

I got loads of other bits including a new Pandora bead from my girls
and a fabulous antique book on lace from my son.

This is another book I received which I love.
 It was inspired 
by a lady called Mary Brookes Picken and 
news letters of the American Women's institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences.

Click here for the Amazon page as it
 does the book far more justice than I ever could.

Anyway I promised a birthday giveaway so you could all help me 
celebrate and because it occurred to me that I past my 2nd blog birthday
some months ago without even noticing.

The prize will be a present for you to open
just as though it's your birthday. 
So you must have a blog
 then, if you are the winner,
 I will go  and have a good look at your blog to see what you like
and hopefully send you an appropriate gift.

So all you have to do is be a follower and leave me a comment below.
It is open until  the 18th May.

Good luck and I'll see you soon.



  1. Gorgeous food mixer - very jealous!! Would LOVE to enter your giveaway.

    Rachel x

  2. That mixer looks too good to use. More decorative so don't worry about the baking,

    The book looks really interesting too.

  3. For one glorious minute, I thought you were giving away that FANTASTIC piece of kitchen equipment!!!Off to have a look at that book, it looks really interesting. Have a good week, Gill.

  4. Forgot to say, belated congratulations for Anniversary and Birthday. x

  5. A belated Happy Birthday and what a pressie - not just a mixer but a red one at that :)

    Please add my name to the list :) & thank you

  6. Happy birthday Gill.
    I love your mixer. I have a red one and really love the way it mixes cakes.
    You must get into making!
    Here in Australia we make pavlova and these mixers make the best!

  7. Happy Birthday, I really love your new red mixer, like you I don't make many cakes but who cares, just look at it!
    Kandi x

  8. Happy Birthday, Anniversary and 2nd Blog Anniversary Gill! I'm in love with your new mixer, I'd be baking all the time if I had one of those instead of my cronky old hand held thing.

    Best wishes

    Angie x

  9. I'd like one of those mixers too and I don't make cakes either, please can you put my name in the hat for your giveaway thank you x

  10. Happy Birthday - what an amazing present, lucky you. Please may I join in the giveaway fun? Thanks x

  11. Happy birthday, love your funky new red mixer!

    Please may my name be put into the hat for the giveaway?


  12. Ha! Just like Nana Go-Go....for one brief moment I thought .....!

    But what a smasher of a present, hey? I got the equivalent Kenwood Chef Titanium when I retired last year form my other half ....not sure whether he was expecting me to be spending MORE time in the kitchen!

    So Happy Multiple Anniversarys, enjoy your pressies!

  13. I like the look of the Vintage Notions book and I love the idea of your giveaway, please count me in too. Belated birthday and anniversary wishes too.

  14. Hope you had a great birthday Gill. I have serious mixer envy! Lucky you. I'd love to join in on your giveaway, sounds very exciting! Hope your well. Love Katie xx

  15. What beautiful gifts..I have mixer envy also...even if it gives you pleasure just to look at thats a fine thing lol who knows you may make loads of cakes now!beware though when you make you have to eat!lol

  16. A mixer to dream about :) I would love to join your giveaway

  17. Happy Birthday! You got some lovely things - nevermind that you don't bake that many cakes, that mixer LOOKS nice! I would love to take part in your Giveaway - not knowing what it will be makes it all the more special! xCathy

  18. Ooh I love a surprise present. I bet it was the Artipasto you went to. I was there as well. Don't forget we have another Aldborough Creative at the end of the month.

  19. What a beautiful gift! I love it! Top marks to the hubby for this one!
    A belated happy birthday/wedding anniversary to you!
    """sShparppPpP......""" ~ party blower (in case you were wondering) ;D

  20. We are mixer buddies! My husband bought me the exact same one as a wedding gift- did you know it's also Nigella Lawsons favourite! I pormise, when you see how easy it is to whip up cupcakes and treats with this mixer, you'll be baking all the time! :)

    Belated happy birthday/anniversary to you! i hope you have a wonderful weekend! *hello* from you newest follower, Hazel x

  21. happy birthday, ooh i love surprises. Can i enter the giveaway please x