Monday, 21 May 2012

Bunting Galore

On my post for last months "Monthly Make" I mentioned that I had made 50 plus metres of 
bunting, well in the end I made nearly 80 metres.
(I found wrapping it around these empty shoeboxes the best way to keep it tidy.)
Anyway this weekend it was time for the wedding it was made for.

It was a really busy weekend as the reception was in the garden 
of  my friend Carol who's niece was the bride and it was all hands on deck 
to get it all ready in time.
So Friday started with me raiding my garden for greenery to 
put into the table flower decorations.

Dozens of different sized jam jars with pretty gold flowers painted on
them were filled with yellow, white and orange flowers for the tables.

Loads of quiches were made for the vegetarians 
as the main food was a Hog roast.
My offering was a family favourite of Leek and Goats cheese (a Delia recipe).
Friends had been roped in to act as waitresses or 
Elves as they were called, my little one included.
They worked like trojans all day handing out
drinks and laying out the food.

It was then time to put up the decorations.
Patio first with some of the bunting

Around the tables being used as a bar goes the smaller version.

Ribbon flowers  tied into the bushes

Then into the Marquee where the cake made by
Carol had pride of place.
Each layer was a different cake mix
one chocolate, one plain sponge and one fruit cake.

More bunting and balloons( there were loads tied 
up outside as well)

All ready for the band ( Carols sons)
and the wishing well for cards

I absolutely loved the wedding car.

But poor Albie wasn't sure what was going on,
all these people and nobody would play frisbee with him.

I have to say it was one of the nicest weddings I have been to for a long time
I think possibly because it was all so personal and of course
it was all worth it just to see how happy this beautiful
young lady was.



  1. I am glad you all had such a beautiful celebration and your bunting looked stunning ( as did the bride of course). Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs and well done Carol for the cake. X

  2. It sounds like it was a wonderful day and the bunting looked super as did everything else, you can't beat a wedding reception in the garden, that's where I had mine! All those many moons ago! Congratulations to the happy couple x

  3. How lovely Gill
    The Bride looked beautiful and your decorations were wonderful.

  4. Looks the most perfect day
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. Greater love hath no woman - 80 metres of bunting! Blimey! Well done you. Glad it all went off well, the marquee looks stunning.

  6. I wish more couples would hve this kind of wedding. Far too many get carried with away with the lavish hotels/designer dress/Jimmy Choos and forget what getting married is actually all about. :-)