Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Monthly Makes-so far.

I can't believe it's only Wednesday
I've been so busy this week.

Someone we knew lost their long battle with cancer on Monday
and it brought it home to us that you have to make the most of life.

Monday was also Mr Ts birthday which we weren't going to do much about
but when we discovered that the takeaway was closed we decided to take own advice 
and splash out on a posh meal.
 I'm so glad we did, it was wonderful.

I had mentioned the birthday when talking to the owner
 and an embarrassed Mr T got a mini birthday cake with 
a sparkling flare (sorry about the photo but you get the idea)

I just had to show you this light which 
was beside our table. It really looked amazing..

I said in my last post that I had come back from Somerset raring to go
So I started with this years Elderflower cordial. 

2 1/2 bottles that should last the summer. Their should have been a small bottle in there
but, like a fool, I didn't realise the the stopper on that bottle was plastic
so when I laid it in the oven to sterilise it, the stopper melted.
Hence the wine bottle in the back.
This is so easy to make , it is just 
15-20 Elderflower heads( rinsed in cold water
1 kg sugar
2 lemons
1 ltr boiling water
all stirred together
and 24hrs later you have a  lovely cordial 
which when you add
sparkling water is great 
for a long drink in the hot weather.
I strain mine through a muslin before bottling.

I'm still seem to be making bunting.
This time it is for little
family friends and great nieces.

Two Ellies

 and one Imogen.

They looked lovely in the garden
might have to make myself some.

Maybe in the colours of my two favourite roses
which have just come into flower.

I also decided this morning to have another go at wet felting.
I did a days course a while ago and loved it

I haven't done it for months as I got a bit disheartened when it 
wasn't working properly
but I have been inspired by Fiona at Marmalade rose 
and her fabulous felt I thought I'd try again.  
 It didn't start well as my original pattern above didn't work
and I was left with a piece of plain pink felt but I had a few bits of 
left overs from my previous attempts that were only half completed
so I cut out some peals and added these.
This was one of the techniques we did on the course

and it seems to have worked this time. 
more practice needed though.

The last thing I've done this week is finish 
the little pin cushion for my sewing machine.
which is an idea I got from Pinterest.
When I went shopping in Frome I went into Mille Moons and
bought one of their £1 scrap bags 

then I sat in the evening at my brothers and 
did a little hand embroidery on a piece of the fabric
before making it up  when I got back to my machine.

I've been meaning to make myself one of these for ages
so thats one of the things of my list of things to make---
only about 100 left.

Better get back to it then.



  1. I NEED a sewing machine pin cushion, it's fab, your bunting is looking beautiful too! Is it ok to borrow photos from here to do a round up blog post on the monthly makes later today, I'll link back to you here of course? x

  2. The sewing machine cushion is a wonderful idea :) the bunting looks gorgeous and so does the elderflower, this is my favourite drink :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. I didn't realise that elderflower cordial is so eay to make. I may have to have a go at that.

  4. that should say 'easy to make'!

  5. Must try and make the elderflower cordial, there are soooo many of these plants around where I live!! How long does it keep for Dosierosie?

    1. My recipe says 3 months but put in the fridge once bottle has been opened.

  6. Gosh, you have been busy... I do like your bedroom light, and all your wonderful makes...
    Sue Xxx

  7. Every year i say im going to make elderflower cordial i must get a large pot. I have been given some that a friend and im so enjoying it with lemonade. Your felting looks brilliant well done you ;-) dee x

  8. A great post Gill.
    Love the cordial recipe.

  9. Wow, haven't you been busy? Lots of lovely things, I especially love the bunting.

  10. Goodness - where has your energy come from? I tried felting too, but unlike you I didn't persevere! Yours is better than mine was! Sorry to hear about your friend passing away - these things always make you think, don't they? xCathy

  11. Hi hun
    Your garden looks so lovely!
    You'll have to pop to Tilly's and do some wet-felting....
    Can't wait for a catch up soon
    Fancy a bag of chips along the prom at Wells sometime?
    K x