Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Hello again, How are you all?
 what a busy couple of weeks I've had
 with a trip to the Paralympics,
 family to stay and
 then a flying visit to Somerset
I have to say I'm looking forward to a couple of days at home in my sewing room.

The trip to the Paralympics was a girlie trip with my Sister-in-Law
and we stayed with family in North London.

I had no idea how close they actually are to Alexandra Palace,
literally a 5 minute walk and you can
 see the amazing view across London.

I know alot of you go to the Stitching show here but I haven't been
here since I went to see the Custom Car show as a teenager 
with my boyfriend (we have now been married for 30 years)

The park surrounding it was full of families having fun
which was great to see 
and I really wanted a go on
a dragon boat  on the lake
but apparently we didn't have time.

The new art works being carved out of tree trunks 
looked really interesting and of course had an olympics theme.

I won't go on about the trip to Olympic park as I
suspect you are all olympic'd out but will
leave you with a photo of some of the wild flowers that
looked so beautiful.

I'm doing alot of craft course over the next few weeks 
so will tell you all about them soon.


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  1. The last time I went to Aly Pally was to a Model Engineering Show with Mr VG (who was also boyfriend back then) and that was about 25 years ago! Where do the years go?