Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The last wedding of the year

This has been a busy year for weddings 
and this weekend was the last of them.
This one was the son of one of my best friends
 and a close friend to all my children.

It was one of those great occasions 
when you know a lot of the  people there and 
get to meet up with some that you haven't seen for a while.

The fact that the setting for the ceremony was beautiful
also helped though.
This is Wolterton Hall which is near Aylsham in Norfolk.
The ceremony was in One of the rooms over looking the garden

 and you walk out of the room onto the balcony with this view in front of you
before going down the stairs onto the lawn( wedge shoes needed)
where the Champagne was waiting.

I can't wait to see the official photos.

But this is the favourite one of mine photos--
close friends ( I'm  the only one drinking, typical)

It was then off to a marquee in a friends garden.
The bride has a degree in textiles and 
the marquee was beautifully decorated with huge
paper poms poms  hanging from the ceiling

and loads of mixed glass, decanters of water and flowers vases, down the unusual runner.
There was lots of other  little bits that really made it a bit different
like fire pits in the garden with deck chairs around them so you 
could get away from the music for a quite chat and a drink.

The only down part of the day was that I managed 
to get not one but 2 glasses of wine down my dress.

But heres the happy couple,
with the bride in her lovely dress.

As the groom is a teacher he was straight back to work on Monday
so no honeymoon just yet.

Well thats the school holidays over
so my daughter has started her first teaching
job after completing her training.
Good luck to her and all of you that 
are starting back to work after the summer hols.
I have booked a couple of courses between 
now and Christmas so I will tell you all 
about them soon.

See you soon.



  1. My best friend couldn't come to my son's wedding because her husband is desperately ill. They were greatly missed. Glad you got to go to this wedding - what a happy and handsome young couple they do make. Love that dress.
    Thanks for popping over to mine, Gill and leaving your lovely comment. Really appreciate it.x

  2. What a lovely wedding! Pity about your dress...hope you got the stains out!

  3. What a great venue for a wedding! It must have been good to catch up with old friends - sounds like you had a good time despite two glasses of wine over your dress!
    Good luck to your daughter with her new teaching job!

    Gill xx

  4. How lovely it all looks, never mind you frock - it'll all come out in the wash..or dry clean! I too am famous for always having a drink in my hand on photos...and I barely drink!

    Hope all went well for your daughter's first day at the crumbling chalk face!

  5. It looks like it was a really lovely wedding - and looks like you had a great time catching up with everyone!

    Pomona x