Tuesday, 16 October 2012

George and More

Here is the reason we went down to London
which was

But we made the most of our time away
with my first trip to the V&A
to see a few pieces of ceramics

Just a few pieces

and of course the textiles,
I love this mini dress.
We saw the ballgown exhibition as well but weren't 
allowed to take photos.
They have  a new exhibition opening soon
with  hollywood costumes which my daughter and I 
are planning to see at some time.

Sunday was a day just wandering around Central London

and I had to look twice when I saw this on the outside of 
Harvey Nichols.

We then went onto Green park to see the new memorial 
to WW2 Bomber Command.

My Father was on Bombers and I really wanted to see this.
It really is impressive which I sort of expected having seen 
news coverage of the memorial
But what I hadn't expected

was the photos,stories and poppy crosses piled under
 and around the figures and the effect these would have on me.
Knowing it was only an appendicitis that saved my Father
from being shot down with the rest of his crew
I was very moved by these personal memorials.

Thank you to everyone for your  comments
and concern.
 I am feeling much better now
 which is lucky as I'm going on holiday 
to Italy on Friday so I'll see you all when I get back.



  1. Looks like you had a great time in London. Have a lovely time in Italy, look forward to reading your catch up when you get back!
    Jille x

  2. OMG! Harvey Nicks has been Yarn Bombed! Great pics of a super day, Gill. I love the V&A too. And off course you are going to make us all jealous when you post your Italian piccies...you and Cathy (Potter Jotter) both swanning off to Italy tis autumn...lucky. lucky you, I love it!

  3. Lovely pics....I went down to see the WW2 Bomber Command memorial, as I had a family member involved. I thought it was fabulous, and I'll be back there again at some point. The ceramics at the V&A are great! Must get a trip back again..... :)

  4. Have a great holiday! I love the Harvey Nicholls picture - wonderful!

  5. I know! I could spend days looking at those ceramics at the V&A. It's a really special place. LOVE that Harvey Nicks picture - what a laugh! xCathy