Monday, 8 October 2012

Weeks 4 or 5

I'm feeling slightly poorly today so I've taken to the sofa
with a blanket and thought I bring you up to date
with my course work.

Free Machine embroidery

Sewing onto paper seemed really strange but that is what we did  here.
Our work from the previous week was photocopied 
and we did some free machine machine embroidery onto the copy.

The back was interesting.

I then found this really strange piece of fabric,none of us could work what it was,
but the threads pulled really easily and when pulled it made some interesting shapes.
I then used a couple of the techniques we had been using and added some colour

It now covers my old Singer. I love the mixture of bright pink and
lime green.

The cut work was fun,
this piece was only 3 layers but I want to try it with more.
I think this might look quite nice as the front of a small bag.

Then the fun started.
I absolutely love using dissolvable fabric

This thread is such fun and gives a fantastic effect.

My last piece I am so proud of I love it.
I cut a motif out of this fabric

Then just got totally carried away

creating this edge in autumn colours

and lastly adding some gold to lift it a little bit more.

This is my last week and I will really miss it
but can't wait to see what we do.



  1. I've really enjoyed watching your progress through this course, can you please take another one! I know you told us earlier on, but I've forgotten, what was the course called?

  2. You're so clever, Gill. Your work is so very good...and inspirational to me for the Freeform CAL/KAL I've joined and am enjoying over on Ravelry.....just need to find some gold yarn now!!