Sunday, 24 March 2013

It's Finished.

I have completed the last 3 blocks
of my quilt.

These last 2 are my favourites especially 
the plate which I'm really pleased with .

This one I found very fiddly and some of the other ladies
have said they would never do it again
but I think it looks quite striking when it's finished
so I would do it again.

I invested in a walking foot for my machine to 
add the binding and for quilting future quilts
but this one was hand quilted.which I found very relaxing
 sitting in front of the telly in the evenings.

I bought the fabric at Christmas and the colours show I was still
in a festive mood.
 I really like the backing fabric and it fits with the christmassy feel of the whole quilt.

So here is the finished quilt and 
I'm all ready for the next course starting after Easter.



  1. it's beautiful you must be so very proud :)

  2. I am must be so happy with it...Viv xx

  3. That is lovely, and the sort of colours that I would choose too xx

  4. Well done Gill, it's a lovely quilt and that Drunkard's Path block is perfect!

    p.s., did you know you've got word verification on?

  5. How lovely it is! The colours are beautiful!

  6. Simply stunning work - well done you. Makes me want to hunt out my quilting stuff - most of which I gave away during my last house move! Did you know there was a UK quilting group on Ravelry?
    Keep Quilting!