Friday, 15 March 2013

Try Something New.

As you have probably noticed I'm a great one for for trying new things
and I do like my exercise, so when one of my friends from the W.I.
suggested Nordic Walking I thought 'why not'.
I always thought of this as a winter sport involving long thin skis
and the basics are the same.  You use long poles which you drag
through and push back against which in turn makes you walk faster.
I'm not sure I got the hang of it the first time I tried but I certainly did
the second as my muscles told me so.

It is a great way to burn off a few more calories then normal walking
and of course you can still see  the Norfolk countryside although
you do get some strange looks from people.
Climbing over the stiles with long poles attached to your wrists
isn't easy either but caused great hilarity and it got very muddy in places,

But I will definitely go again as it was fun.

One of the other new things I have tried this year
was making a picture with machine embroidery.
It's no masterpiece but
 I am very proud of my first attempt.

My patchwork quilt is nearly finished
with the very basic hand quilting being done in the evenings
and just the binding to do at next weeks lesson to finish it off.
I have already signed up for the next level of classes starting in April.
I was warned it can be addictive.

See you soon


  1. Good for you Gill. Looks like a very nice way to pass the time. I can't wait to see your patchwork quilt and I love your machine embroidery - well done.
    Thanks so much for popping over to mine and leaving your lovely comment. Have a good weekend. x

  2. Whew! A bit energetic for me at the moment! But good for you!

  3. I really fancy a go at Nordic walking...

    Love your embroidery!


  4. You clever thing the machine embroidery is lovely, it's not easy to do is it I tried but was very unsucessful! My neighbour keeps trying to get me Nordic Walking I like the idea of it when my back is better I think I'll give it a go! xx