Saturday, 11 May 2013

And the Winner is…..

Morning All.

Hope you've all had a good week, I know I have.
Mr T has been away on a course this week so
I have had time to myself which just
occasionally I really enjoy.
Does that sound bad?
But I'm sure you know what I mean,
eat when and what I want, watch what I want and
not have to worry too much about housework as I don't make 
much mess and little one isn't here that often. 
She will be here even less after the weekend as
 she is moving into her own flat---again.


Aren't these colours lovely.

I was taken out for a Birthday Afternoon Tea by one of my friends
to East Ruston Old Vicarage Gardens.

I love this place and it has acres of gardens to wander around.

And something different around every corner.

I'm hoping to capture the changes through the summer
but we will see.

I love the way they store their fire wood.

I definitely want one of these in my garden.

The orangery at the back of the house has a different 
colour scheme every year.

I have a real thing about succulents--
I love them so I need to find a place
for a display like this.

Sorry I've got carried away haven't I, what you all want to know 
is who has won the giveaway
Well  I got the Mr to pull a name out 
of the hat and it's


so if you can let me know your details please
I will post your parcel out to you.
Including your pin cushion and from vintage
linen and lace.

Thank you to those who took part and all
Birthday wishes hope you all have a great weekend.


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  1. Lovely colours, Gill and what a lovely place to visit. I would kill - or at least seriously maim - to have a summer house or a shepherd's hut in my garden but we have no room for anything else so I shall just have to sigh.
    I DO so understand the very real pleasure it is to have the house to yourself for a while - and we get on very well in each others' company, but just so nice to slob about and not worry about watching the clock for meals etc. Enjoy! Lx