Friday, 24 May 2013

Rain Rain go away!

I don't know about you but I'm throughly fed up with the horrible weather

so here's a reminder of what we should be getting 

with all my best wishes for a nice sunny




  1. Yes Gill, I am struggling to find a positive spin, thorough;y depressing when the grey drizzle lasts and lasts. Ha! Did I say drizzle? Got caught in 4 hail storms yesterday! Luckily I was in the car but twice had to stop the car for bad vision, and twice had to STAY in the car waiting til the worst was over. PLEEEEESE let us have a good summer!

  2. Hear!Hear! It was snowing up in Aviemore yesterday - normally a good thing in mid-winter, not so at the end of May!!Ridiculous weather. Have a great weekend, Gill. x

  3. Here's hoping your weekend weather perks up x If not I say we all move to the Bahamas :)

  4. Its so blooming cold, isn't it? Our local flea market had to pack up early due to torrential rain and strong winds :(


  5. The wet and cold is just awful at the moment and never ending, surely we are due some sunshine?

  6. Thank you for you kind words on my recent post.
    I hope you did enjoy some sun at the weekend x