Thursday, 31 July 2014

Scavenger Hunt July

It's the end of another month which of course means it's Scavenger Hunt
organised by Greenthumb @ Made with Love.
Most of my photos this month where taken whilst on holiday
in Yorkshire and Northmberland.

C is for ....
Cafe in the Valley Gardens Harrogate.
They serve a very nice cup of coffee.


Well near enough I think.


This was taken from our front garden a couple of nights ago.

In your bag.

This was the contents of my bag for my patchwork
group yesterday.


This is the button shop in Harrogate
I don't think I have seen so many buttons together in one place.
I did buy some and then lost them during the day somewhere.


One of the gates on Hadrians wall.


Theres a lot of liquid between the mainland 
and this island. Not sure which island it is.

My view of the day

The finishing straight for the first day of Le Tour.

On the wall

Translated it means,according to Google translator, 
 "Citadel of the famous fountains"

In the Studley water gardens.

The stem of a very old Wisteria.

The man trying to get out of the shot is my brother.

My macaroon at Betty's tea rooms.
A visit to Yorkshire isn't complete without going to 
Betty's tea rooms apparently.
It tasted fantastic.

So thats my contribution for this month.

Time to look up next months list.

Enjoy the rest of your week.



  1. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, what a great group of photos. I really like dough, together, lever and your view of today. Greenthumb.

  2. I've been to Betty's - just once when on holiday. That's a huge amount of buttons! Sorry to hear you lost yours. It's quite a bit darker at 9pm where you live compared to where I live which is further north.

  3. Great pics, and oh-my-word,that's a lot of buttons! Xx

  4. Great photos :) Love the buttons and the twisty wisteria stem :)

  5. What a lovely looking cafe, and all those buttons!!!

  6. The button shop looks amazing! I'll definitely seek it out if I ever go to Harrogate.

  7. The buttons are a great idea and good shot of the lever.

  8. Great set of photos,Valley Gardens is one of my Favorited places to visit, have done a post on it this May..
    Amanda xx

  9. Great photos. The button shop is amazing - must go one day. And to Bettys so I can have one of those macaroons! x

  10. My girlfriend crafts with buttons at the moment. Will have to show her the picture of buttons. Which one to choose?

  11. I've never seen so many buttons! I bet it was fun to look at them all, but disappointing to lose them. My husband and I were just talking about Betty's the other day - I don't think I've been into the one in Harrogate because it was so crowded the day we were there. But I love the little Betty's in York.

  12. Great collection of photos. I visited the Farne Islands last August and your island looks very much like Inner Farne. The pool is beautiful and Harrogate looks nice, I've never been there.

  13. Now that is a mind-boggling togetherness of buttons! Losing your buttons reminded me of the child's game, Button, Button, Who's got the Button. Great lever shot...not everyone can take a photo of one on a gate of Hadrians' Wall. Liked how your brother was hightailing it out of the photo with the Wisteria...and I would love to have a nibble of that too-pretty-to-eat macaroon :) Really enjoyed your photos.

  14. The buttons, the buttons!!! Oooh, I shall see Hadrian#s wall this week- we are off to stay with our relatives in Northumberland! Whereabouts did you stay?
    The pool is lovely and I love the sky- there have been SO many gorgeous skies this summer!x

    P.S. sorry I am so late in visiting- have been away on holiday with DREADFUL data signal!x

  15. Great photos. That pretty sunset would be a lovely end to the day. What an amazing button shop. The Studley water gardens looked very tranquil.

  16. Hi Gill, I'd like to nominate you for the Liebster Award if that's alright with you. I'll post the details on my blog. Hope you're alright with that.