Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Scavenger Hunt June

It's time for this months Scavenger Hunt photos.
My Thanks to Greenthumb @ Made with love for organising this.
If you want to see some of the other contributors
Click here

So here is my selection.

10 AM
My friends garden when I called in one morning and 
just noticed the time was 10 O'clock.

B is for…
 In a hedge in a field. An opportunity too
good to miss.

A lovely old mill pond along the North Norfolk coast.

This one is in the grounds of Blickling Hall.

 One of the old disused railways near here 
has been turned into a footpath and this
wonderful old bridges  goes over it.

The sign on a local fabric shop.
Very fitting.

I'm not a lover of puppets they tend to freak me out a bit
so this was found in an old book shop and solved 
the problem as well as being a funny picture.
Would have been good for spoon as well.

This is one of the small steam engines
on the Bure Valley railway.

Saw this fabulous old water butt in the graveyard
 of one of the lovely old churches
around here.
 Must do a post on some of them one day we have so many.

You Again

Here he is again, Little Mack trying to hide in
the long grass.


Lastly my set of chinese spoons.

You will notice that there is only 11 that is because this is 
a soccer free house at the moment and Soccer was the final word.
Thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Mr T and I are off to see the Tour de France  Grand depart in Yorkshire
 and have a holiday in the area for a few days so 
expect lots of photos. We booked this months and months ago so 
lets hope the weather is dry.

See you all soon.



  1. Seeing the Tour de France from a street corner is great fun, enjoy! I really like your interpretation of the prompts, particularly the water butt. x

  2. I definitely wasn't expecting that for B - great photo!

  3. Loved the bug hotel and the old bridge. Enjoy your visit to the Tour de France. I know a few people who are going - Yorkshire is going to be packed! x

  4. What a funny place to park a boat! Lovely metalwork shots in Manmade and Water.

  5. Lovely photos for June, especially the bug house. I'm still house bound after my surgery so won't be joining in this month Enjoy your trip to Yorkshire for the start of Le Tour de France.

  6. Lovely photos, what an interesting part of the world you live in, I do like puppets though, one of the few toys I saved from my childhood was my pelham puppet! Enjoy your time away in the dales, when I was up in Yorkshire way back in April, they were gearing up towards this big event...

  7. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. What a great group of photos, I really like water, open, habitat and I had to look hard to find the boat in B. Greenthumb

  8. Beautiful photos, Gill! I could just step into Calm and veg there for a few hours! Lovely! And is Little Mack cute! Enjoy your vacation! I wishing you lots of warm sunshine! I look forward to seeing your photos!

  9. Those are all beautiful photos! You've been having some lovely weather, it looks like. I love the boat in the hedge - a stroke of luck for you, but not for the boater!

  10. Love the little bug hotel sign and the boat in the field is great! I'm not a fan of puppets either.

  11. Love your friend's garden. Is that an apple tree in the foreground and is the blue tape wrapped around at the bottom of the trunk to stop the ants climbing up? I only ask because they're making a real meal of my little tree. I wonder how that boat got there? That's taking fly-tipping to the extreme! Have a great time watching the Tour de France and enjoy your little trip away.

  12. Hi Gill! Love your piccies! Thanks for saying hello...it's so good to hear from you. Your little Mack would have a ball with Teddy wouldn't he? Xxxx

  13. Oooh, what a great selection!!! Your friend's garden is gorgeous!!!
    Ha, I feel the same about football!!!! I also didn't get it!!! Love tge rustic water butt! Have fun in yorkshire x

  14. Enjoy Yorkshire. We're going for a short break in September and will be visiting Yarndale. I was an exhibitor last year but this time I'm just going as a visitor.

  15. Gill..what a great array for this month's hunt! All are splendid...especially the boat! Hope you are enjoying your holiday! Smiles...Susan

  16. Great photos! Fancy finding a boat in the hedge, you don't see that every day!

  17. Great photos! Fancy finding a boat in the hedge, you don't see that every day!