Thursday, 31 July 2014

Scavenger Hunt July

It's the end of another month which of course means it's Scavenger Hunt
organised by Greenthumb @ Made with Love.
Most of my photos this month where taken whilst on holiday
in Yorkshire and Northmberland.

C is for ....
Cafe in the Valley Gardens Harrogate.
They serve a very nice cup of coffee.


Well near enough I think.


This was taken from our front garden a couple of nights ago.

In your bag.

This was the contents of my bag for my patchwork
group yesterday.


This is the button shop in Harrogate
I don't think I have seen so many buttons together in one place.
I did buy some and then lost them during the day somewhere.


One of the gates on Hadrians wall.


Theres a lot of liquid between the mainland 
and this island. Not sure which island it is.

My view of the day

The finishing straight for the first day of Le Tour.

On the wall

Translated it means,according to Google translator, 
 "Citadel of the famous fountains"

In the Studley water gardens.

The stem of a very old Wisteria.

The man trying to get out of the shot is my brother.

My macaroon at Betty's tea rooms.
A visit to Yorkshire isn't complete without going to 
Betty's tea rooms apparently.
It tasted fantastic.

So thats my contribution for this month.

Time to look up next months list.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


Friday, 25 July 2014

Roman Holiday

Where did that week go, I had every intention of writing this
at the beginning of the week but life has overtaken me--again.
It seems weeks ago that we were enjoying the last couple of
days our holiday in the Northumberland.

Our last day was fantastic as I forfilled  one
of my ambitions.  This was to walk along Hadrians wall
or at least part of it.

It is such a historic monument and set in such stunning scenery.

This is Crag Lough.  Looking down on it from the top of the Crag
the water was so clear you could see the Swans heads under the water.

Walking is not really for the faint hearted as
although , we only walked 5 miles  as the crow flies,
the up and downs added quite a bit more.

I love the fact that, in places, you can see the wall stretching
away in the distance, but the tree was our destination.

 I couldn't find a picture of the tree which didn't have me
lurking in a corner somewhere but any of you that
have watched Kevin Costner in Robin Hood
( A family favourite from years ago)
this tree is where Morgan Freeman utters the 
immortal words 
" is there no sun in this accursed country"
Mr T insisted on standing on the wall and shouting it,
luckily there was nobody else about.

 A late lunch and the rest of the day was spent in Vindolanda.

Vindolanda is the site of archaeological excavations
which have going on for over 40 years and will be continuing
for a few more years yet.
It is the site of a succession of forts, the first thought to have 
been built around AD 80's.

You can watch and talk to the diggers while they continue to
explore the secrets of the site. It has a great museum
(next to a cafe)
showing the finds and adding some background to
what has been done to restore some of them.
They have found everything from leather boots and textiles
to the Cerialis archive. These are a collection of
postcard sized sheets of wood which have been written on in
Ink. They cover a wide variety of subjects
from children's writing lessons, shopping lists, official forms
and letters home to loved ones.

I found myself riveted  by the whole place
but particularly with anticipation whilst watching the diggers.
Every time someone picked something up,
I found myself wondering what it might be but the only thing
I saw them dig out was a nail of some sort .
Nevertheless I would have loved to have had a go myself.

Luckily whilst we were there the weather was wonderful
but I'm not sure I would have been so keen to work there in the cold and wet.

Hope you all have a great weekend 
wherever you are and I'll see you again soon.


Friday, 18 July 2014

National Treasures

We all have a list of places we would like to visit
and things we want to do, don't we.
Well on my recent holiday to Yorkshire and Northumberland
 I have been lucky enough to have done several of the things
on my list although
I can't believe we have been home nearly a week and
I'm only just showing you some photo's.

This was our first stop after leaving Harrogate.

Fountains Abbey and Studley Water Gardens
were on our way North and it was one of the places on my list.
It's one of those places you see on the T.V quite a lot and 
looks very  atmospheric.  

It certainly lived up to my expectations and Mr T and I 
spent several hours wandering around and sitting by 
one of the lakes drinking coffee in the sunshine.

It was built in the 12th century by Cistercian monks
and is the best preserved abbey of it's kind but fell victim
to the dissolution of the monasteries in the 16th century.
The water gardens are a Georgian addition and 
are set in lovely grounds. It is now run by the National Trust
and is well worth a visit if your near Ripon.

These little fellas were hiding in the eaves of the visitor
centre and had quite an audience.

Next day was Bamburgh Castle which took my breath away.
I have to admit it was not on my list but was 
on our way up the Northumberland coastal route
and was a fantastic place to stop for lunch.

It was too nice a day to actually go inside the castle
and beach was calling us. It gave us a wonderful view.
You can imagine how daunting it looked to attacking armies
can't you.

The local giants left their dice just laying around on the beach.

Next stop Holy Island, Lindesfarne.
This has been near the top of my list for years.

It was mid afternoon before we could cross the causeway to the island
due to the tides but it was worth the wait.

Enough said I think.

I'll leave the rest for another post.

Have a great weekend.


Monday, 7 July 2014

Dosie Rosie Welcomes Le Tour.

I am ashamed to say that, although
I have been around the world,
I have never been this far north in the UK
and the reason I have come here now is to see 
a bike race.
Not just any bike race of course but THE bike race.
Mr T and I have been following the Tour De France 
for over 20 years ever since we  literally 
came across it whilst on holiday
in France. 
We waited with other delayed tourists and their 
children as well as a whole village
of locals and  watched in fascination as this caravan
of  strange carnival like vehicles went past throwing
everything from hats to sweets and tubes of chestnut puree at us.
A while later along came this pack of cyclists with hardly
an inch between them, covering every inch of the road
and with a few seconds they had gone.  That  didn't matter though
as by then we were all so excited 
that we were totally hooked and 
not just on Le Tour but on cycling.

We have spent the last 20 years following the Tour of Britain,
City centre cycling and of course the Olympic road race in Surrey,
so when we found out The Tour De France was starting in UK
there was no way we were going to miss it.
So off to Harrogate we went.

One of the first thing we saw was the infamous knitted bunting
which was everywhere.

And yellow bikes----everywhere.
They must have used gallons of yellow paint.

Wonderful works of art made out of 

and Wood.

 French coffee vans 

and miles of trucks.

The organisation is amazing with TV companies from all over
world and large TV screens everywhere.
The graphics on the control centre are incredible.

And the welcome has been out of this world.

So we were all set for the arrival of the cyclist.

Along with hundreds of thousands of others
from near and far. 
The couple standing next to us in their cycling gear
were from New Zealand.

And as quick as a flash there was Mark Cavendish
(in the pale blue and red helmet)
flying past 100 metres before he unfortunately crashed.

 They were followed by dozens of cars carrying spare bikes.

And the people we had spent all day chatting to 
wandered off saying what a wonderful time it had been.
Time for a Fish and Chip supper before watching the highlights
on the TV.

So on to Day 2 when the race just skirted Harrogate
and the crowds were out in force again. 
Some even brought along their sofas for a comfortable wait.

Not quite so fast this time as it was near the start
of the race so much better photos.

The Yellow Jersey for one day only.

The next stop for the Tour is France, 
Next stop for us is Northumberland so 
even further North.