Sunday, 21 November 2010

G'Day Folks

Hello everyone.
Well we are on the homeward bound part of our journey. Have stopped of in Sydney for  few days with my cousin who lives here. Well I couldn't come all this way and not see her could I (which is what I said  to Mr T) then on to San Francisco for a couple of days and home.  But it means I have access to a computer without having to pay so I thought I'd just show you a couple more photo's.  There will be another post next week when I get back .

 This is Fiona and our home for a month, I shed  little tear when we left her.

 30 seconds later it erupted and sent hot water 20feet into the air. It was great.

 Long empty beach anyone. We saw a few of these, this one is just outside Wellington.

 This is in the sounds on the South Island and was just so picturesque.

And finally a shot of me having a go at fly fishing which actually I really enjoyed but didn't catch anything.  Mr T being greedy caught 5.



  1. Hi Gill, how great to hear from you and what stunning photos - looks a lot like Scotland!My friend`s daughter is coming home for Christmas from Wellington - I told her to bring loads of woollies!I can`t wait to tell my sister that she has a motorhome named after her on the other side of the world!
    Safe journey home.

  2. Such fantastic pics, and wonderful that you are having a fabulous time x

  3. Hey hun!
    Glad you had a fab time...
    Can't wait to meet up and hear your tales!
    Karenx x x