Thursday, 2 December 2010

Home again, Home again.

Back to normality, well almost. I want to know what you have all done to the weather while I've been away, we got on the bus at Heathrow on Sunday to travel back to Norfolk and of course promptly fell asleep, only to wake up to find the everywhere in Norfolk covered in snow.
I would complain but I love the snow and it makes me feel Christmassy which I must I just couldn't do in the sunshine it just didn't feel right somehow.

I did see some great Christmas trees though.

I want one of those pressies

This one is made of old push bikes.

So I now need to write my cards and send off my parcels including the one for my Secret Santa. I have brought her back something from every where we went. but when you find shops like this one in Kia Koura I couldn't resist. 

 I love patchwork quilts but have never actually attempted to make one myself, but I have had a lesson while I've been away. But that's for another post.

 My son would approve of this on his bed.

 I love these fabrics but would you believe I was close to my weight limit so had to resist these.

 This is just a small selection of the fabrics, they had every colour in every shade.

These I just couldn't resist, well I am an unreformed fabric addict, and button addict, I bought some of those as well. A few buttons weren't going to take me over the limit were they, and as for the magazines well they hid in my jacket.

Anyway time to catch up with 6 weeks worth of your news.


  1. Welcome back to snowy Norfolk. Isn't it beautiful?

  2. Welcome Home, Gill - glad you got here safe and sound - your pics look great - you obviously had the trip of a lifetime, lucky duck!

  3. Welcome bakc, love the Christmas tree pics, the one made of bikes is so unusual! The fabrics are gorgeous too! :) x

  4. Those trees are stunning, and that gorgeous fabric mmmmmmmmm xxxx

  5. Welcome home! What an amazing adventure and your fabric is so gorgeous! If I hear of bike thefts on the news I'll know you are trying to recapture your hols ;0)
    Jille x