Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas makes

I should have been looking forward to the arrival of eldest daughter from Devon today but quite sensibly she has decided to postpone her journey, I can only hope that the weather improves enough for her to get home at all. So instead I took the dogs for a long walk which was bone numbingly cold but fun, and then had a go at a table decoration.  Flower arranging is not my forte as my sister-in-law told me but I'm very pleased with the result.  The mat under it was my first go at patchwork a couple of years ago, It one of my Christmas traditions that I make a new decoration every year, previous years have included felt tree decorations and Christmas bunting.

This is this years, they were originally lavender bags but I got this idea and I like it although I should have made 5 hearts. (Sorry about the flash)  Never mind I like it and that's what counts isn't it.

 Looking quite festive.

This is another of our traditions. I bought this when my children were very young and filled the pockets with sweets and little gifts.  They took it in turns to have a pocket.  All my brood are in their 20's now but every time I suggest not doing it they are horrified, I even have to send eldest daughters down to her so she doesn't miss out before she comes home.  The gifts are still the same as well.

Just so you know that the sewing machine hasn't been idle on the run up to Christmas, this make up bag is supposed to be a present for a friend. I could always make her another one, I just love the colours.

We have a close friend who is unfortunate enough to have his birthday on Christmas day and I always find men's birthday cards so uninspiring so I thought I'd make one and came up with this. I'm so pleased with it I think I'll make some more in different colours.

 Anyway this is probably the last time I will write a post before Christmas so I will wish you all a GREAT CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.



  1. Hello hun
    I love your festive makes!
    I've been making a christmas wreath this afternoon from the offcuts from our tree...I love home made deccies...much more christmassy!!!
    Hope your daughter gets home soon my lovely....
    Have a fantastic celebration....not too many tipples now..hee hee
    Huge hugs
    Karen x x x

  2. Hello there, Love the make up bag,and all your other lovely decorations, I do hope your daughter makes it back in time for Christmas, and Merry Christmas to you and a happy new year, Sue x

  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Gill, May you have a wonderful time. See you in the New Year.
    Jille x