Friday, 10 December 2010


I love surprises and the one I received this week was especially welcome.

I have said before I hate technology, more from frustration than anything else, lets face it I spend half my life on a computer but every time mine crashed I just wanted to scream and throw it away.  Well this week my laptop referred me to my administration for the third time this year and enough was enough. It was costing me a fortune just to get it repaired, so i decided to buy a new one.  As Mr T and I were going Christmas shopping anyway this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  Having been blinded by science in the apple store I have my new laptop, which I am getting to know my way around bit by bit, but it is very annoying because of course I have lost all my bookmarks and history etc.  Luckily I had just backed up everything else after putting the holiday photo's on.

Anyway to get back to the surprise. When we got home having spent a fortune not only on my laptop but also on Christmas I was fairly depressed but there sitting in the porch was a parcel addressed to me. I thought it might have been my "Secret Santa" and was quite excited, but No.
A few months ago I signed up for PIF  at Em's Shabby Shack and I had totally forgotten that I hadn't received my little gift, well here it was.  How fantastic was that so thank you Em you made my day.
Here a couple of photo's of what I got

I think this Guy is great fun.

I have never had a Christmas mug, the photo is awful but the mug is great. The strawberries in the back ground are on my new oven gloves( I set fire to the others).

This is something I have bought one of my girls for their stocking( haven't decided which one yet) but I think it's a fantastic idea for someone starting out in crafting like my two are. Of course I could always borrow them, just to have a look.

On a Sadder note, my Friend Karen from Tilly Rose has had to take a break from blogging as her husband is ill and I just want to let her know I'm thinking of her.  She is such a lovely person and if you read her blog you know she has enough health issues of her own without this.  Hang in there Honey.


  1. Your goodies are brilliant - I am a sucker for Cups! The books you hve bought are a great idea for someone starting out, or even later on as they branch out it's great to get the younger ones into crafty stuff ~ my 4 boys are just not interested :(
    Poor karen, hope things ease for her soon x
    Kandi x

  2. How lovely to get an unexpected gift! Em is a dear girl, isn't she? Love the little book collection! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  3. Lovely goodies! The books look great, I'd love a set for myself! Hope things get better for Karen.
    :) x