Monday, 14 March 2011

Lunch Date

The wonderful Mr. T had to collect something from Norwich this morning and offered a wander around the shops and to buy me lunch.  How could I resist.
 I managed to get a couple of the photos needed for this months scavenger hunt but you will have to wait to see those, but on our way to Pizza Express via Lower Goat Lane,  I found a new shop.

It's called " Cherry Cherry" and sells crafty bits like an art gallery.

My mum had a cupboard like that when I was small.

Hiding inside are these lovely cats.

a table full of goodies.

A bit of hooky going on.

 I love this.

And this jewellery made from broken crockery.

So if your reading this Karen we have some new places to visit next time you come.

Then on the way home a stop to buy some Daffs on the side of the road. 

 He cooked Dinner as well. What a wonderful man.

Giveaway closes midnight Wednesday.
See you soon.



  1. isn't it great when you find a new place to shop that's full of lovely goodies, lucky you! and dinner cooked as well!!! jennyx

  2. Wow what a lovely shop :)
    my mum still has a cupboard like the one in the shop, I will get it from her soon, just have to work out how to get it from Downham to Derbyshire lol.

  3. I am definitely adding you to my blog list as you can keep me informed of what's going on in Norfolk - I live here but I never find out these things ... so am relying on you! Will be in that shop soon.

  4. Sounds like a great day, I love that shop! :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. lovely shop, it has an interesting mix of things.
    I love those 1950s kitchen cupboards!
    Isabelle x

  6. Cor that shop looks great. Love Norwich though haven't been for a while. Will have to go again soon! So glad you had a great day.

  7. Oh I do love Norwich and would so love to visit again!
    I adore the old kitchen cupboards!! ;-) x