Friday, 4 March 2011

Too much choice.

After 15 years of coping with various dogs through puppyhood to old age, my three children ( and of course their various friends) through childhood,  those awful teenage years into adult hood. and not to mention all the parties ( some of which I did know about), my poor kitchen has seen better days to say the least. 
 It could tell so much, such as how the radiator came of the wall during one of our trips away. Kids always think they will get away with these things don't they.  I would also like to know how one daughters pet mouse made it from her bedroom to under my kitchen units which had to be dismantled to catch it--- by me. This was the day I found out my husband to afraid of little furry rodents, you would have thought he would have mentioned it before we bought them.

Anyway back to my kitchen.  It is time for a face lift and  new cooker ( mine burns things far to often).
Have you googled kitchens recently, I got 57,800.000 results, too much choice.

This is the kind of thing I would like.

Or this

Or this.  The list is endless although there is a bit of a cream theme here.

At least I know the type of cooker I want.
A rangemaster 90 (which I couldn't find a photo of) all i have to do now is decide on the colour. I have  narrowed it down to three--I think.

 Theres that cream again

But the green is nice

But the black wouldn't show the marks so much would it.  God I hate making decisions.

 Not that this is imminent.  Going on previous experience it usually takes us about 2 years to agree on these things--if my cooker lasts that long.

Before I go just a reminder about my giveaway- see my last post for details.
Speak soon.



  1. Your taste in kitchens is the same as mine! I would love any of those, I love the cooker too, but for me it would have to be the cream one.
    Kandi x

  2. I have a cream kitchen, new last year. It came from Howdens - good company.

  3. I have a black cooker and it is really hard to keep clean it seems to show every mark. Maybe I should clean it more often lol.